Embrace the Change


The common need to keep revolving around the obvious, all to end up choosing the one habit all so familiar with.

Sitting back all cozy and comfortable in my chair I cannot help but think how and why. This exactly right here, these two questions, can strike up a conversation with oneself to stir up different areas of the brain and bring them together in a universe of thoughts which ultimately evokes perplexity.

Change is something which many a mindset tends to overlook. Plans change. Embrace them. See where they take you. You might find your dreams have come true. Understand why everything is the way it is and hold on to what you love and believe. These are some big words hardly ever easy to practice; above all else trust in oneself that the decisions made, however early or late in life, can be turned into something visually present.

Every journey has a mixed bag of highs, lows, and plateaus. It may not always be easy to do it, but try to embrace that not so fun parts as an indication of your forward progress and keep pushing. Realize that YOU are not going to be the best in everything….But also learn like never before, laugh, develop resilience, find yourself, grow and become more compassionate. If you’re impatient, learn to appreciate the beauty of time. Understand things happen, not to facilitate your journey, but to help you blossom. Keep the 🔥 and trust the process.

I mean, who is actually responsible for my quality of life? Hint: It’s me.

There is no compulsion to accept the lesson of reality. Have the courage to be brave, be yourself, and to follow the road to success by yourself. Have the courage to believe that the rain will stop pouring on your side. Be your own reality and make others believe it by proving the things you had hoped for and loved were something more than just a dream. That YOU can actually bring good endings to happen. The process, however, demands patience and care.

Life for you may not make sense at the moment, and that’s okay. Because if it does make sense, then, you will not have a journey to find yourself from the chaos of life. Self-confidence repairs the pandemonium feeling.

Just keep walking with a full heart and the doors which once were walls will open into a state of content and euphoria.

Bring home what others thought impossible and you, yourself, were doubtful. Embrace the walk through Faith & Courage.

—–Have hope.Keep Faith—–

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41 thoughts on “Embrace the Change

  1. You are a wonderful wordsmith. This whole post from the title to the very last word was a big sign for me. As you saw on my blog I am changing in a huge way from the career world to the chronic illness stay at home world. I need to, in fact, embrace the change. ❤❤❤

  2. Glad I found this blog. First I wanted to read all the posts at once. But I changed my mind. I want to read the posts taking much time as all the posts are full of wisdom. It takes time to absorb such amount of wisdom.

  3. Also very good. How I ended up on here was from a friend wanting me to publish something explaining Jungian Analysis in a realistic, non clinical, and non new age way. Another friend was into the Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning theories film and I was asked by another to interpret my own theory.
    During the interview scene there’s a book not yet published by Jung which was the origins of Jungian Theory and the subject of this post.

    I deleted it a year ago, it was only a draft and it started taking off. If you ever watch it for some reason you have to think of it is events happening inside the mind of the writer where he’s interacting with himself and it’s about the struggle of creative freedom internally. (Jack-ego/his father, Wendy-his mother, Danny-inner golden child; the real Jack plus other inner archetypes)
    In short; you’re inside the head of Stephen King as he’s writing the novel, it’s not about the novel itself.

    I think I’ve read your whole blog now; I’ve been listening to Alan Watts lectures so I’ve enjoyed the eastern philosophy from you.

    I had a dream years ago that pointed me in the direction of removing some spiritual beliefs and reconstructing a new personal one with eastern because it had the answers I was looking for which was my own anima dream.

    Keep it up. And, that’s all for my wordy comments.

  4. Ur blogs never fail to inspire me! Wonderful work great writing! 🔥

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