You’re Not Alone

If you sit alone, hair opened to winds unfair;

If you are shell-enclosed, no one to care;

If water had blown your sand castle away;

The mistakes and retakes, don’t matter today.

Darkness of the skies is just your fear;

Your angel has come, get your self near;

Don’t drench your self alone in the rain;

She can take away memories of your pain.

Mist can be cleared by your realizations;

Sadness can vanish by honest conversations;

Your needs of an angel is always there, hence;

All you need to give to her is one last chance.

Keep your faith foundations strong;

The angel you left, never think her wrong;

When love shall ward away your darkness;

Soon you’ll be left with the world’s happiness.

—–Have hope.Keep faith—–

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Aishwarya Shah

68 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone

  1. Your poem is awesome. You inspire me! Yes we are not alone. If we pay attention we will discover how love surrounds us each day. It is not always in the way we expect. Blessings on your week.🌼

  2. “Sadness can vanish by honest conversations”

    There is so much packed into that single sentence for me, it makes me think of the friends I have made over the last few years who I can say anything to and who can say anything to me. That’s the truest form of friendship I’ve ever had and it makes me happy just knowing that I have that in life.

    So sadness vanished. ^-^

  3. Beautiful post.
    Aishwarya I just read your few posts these are so awesome. I want to ask few things I’ve just started writing can you help me? Just asking it..

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