Find Me

The voice that speaks to you whenever a thought comes to mind – Your gut feeling – listen to it because it knows everything.

I wanted to write some words that were true

They came to me while I was wandering my thoughts in search of a clue

I ignored my gut feelings, my personality, my own identity,

I tried my best to fit in the idea of perfect.

It wasn’t until the voice that spoke to me,

Now I know I will crawl back to it only to set me free.

Find ME – A poem for the gut feeling.

I lost myself in the forest one day.

So much so, that you could no longer stay.

You gave up telling me where to reach the light.

I wouldn’t listen to you, all I did was fight.

This killed you to leave me like this.

But you knew that after the pain and confusion, I would find bliss.

Knowing that I’d find it without you present made you feel bad.

But let me tell you, you did nothing wrong, so don’t be sad.

After my time stumbling around in the dark, I found my path.

The one I had lost when I gave in to my ego’s wrath.

Through this pain, I found an immense sense of inspiration.

I ran down that path so quickly, I needed to find you and show you my dedication.

When I first became lost, I couldn’t see you and what you were trying to say.

Now I’ve woken up and look forward to every single day.

I’ve found my way out and I’m still running.

I’m so excited about who I am and what I am becoming.

I still find myself dreaming of your smile.

I’d love for you to just hold me for a little while.

While I tell you all of the amazing things I have found.

The things you always tried telling me, but I was just never around.

When I lost you, I found me.

Is that what you’d hoped when you set me free?

This experience brought me inspiration and drive.

I want to feel love every day and thrive.

I want to laugh many times and shine.

I want to wander the forest with you, surrounded by pines.

To play hide and seek behind every beautiful tree.

I must now ask you, now that I’ve done it…will you find me?

Thank you for reading. Love you for that.

See you all in my next post,

until then,

take care.

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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EclipsedWords by Aishwarya Shah || March’2018 || All rights reserved ©

35 thoughts on “Find Me

  1. It takes an experience like this before you start learning any of the really important things in life.

    Am I supposed to see the silhouette of a dancing woman in the face, because that’s what keeps appearing even when I try not to see it. My eyes are kind of funny. o_O

  2. Beautiful poem and “When I lost you, I found me” this line runs so so deep. Absolutely, we shouldn’t ignore our gut feeling.

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