The universe has a language,

Not created from the known alphabets,

Made from the battles survived with scars and bruises

Most of which are used as excuses,

To escape reality and deny facing truth.

Do not fret these scars and bruises, for they are a part that make a whole

Light will shine through these cracks, enlighten your soul.

Many faces hide behind masks,

To speak and understand this language is quite a task.

The universe has a language of scars and bruises

Embrace it, accept it, cry it out loud

Connect those dots and dashes

That we seldom do proud.

We try to understand this language that the world speaks,

Mistake its words and kindness as a sign of being weak.

Unique this language is, leaving scars on our skins and heart,

Savour them, to forgive yourself, darling you’re a piece of art.

And art is never meant to be perfect, it is supposed to make you feel,

For if you show up with the courage to wait enough time,

You’ll realize there is always someone with the faith and patience,

To decipher each line.

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Thank you for reading! Love you for that.

Happy Easter To You And Your Family.

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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EclipsedWords by AishwaryaShah || April’2018 || All rights reserved ©

83 thoughts on “Scars

  1. That line really resonated with me, art isn’t meant to be perfect but “make you feel.” This poem and your artwork did just that. It makes me think of authors like Hemingway who have related writing to the art of painting, both create images that inspire a powerful response in the viewer. It’s all connected, we’re all connected!

    1. Thank you for this powerful comment. I’m grateful for you to even read and reciprocate back, but, you being able to connect with the writing makes my heart full as a writer. Thank you. 😊 💫 ✨

    1. Art takes time. And you got it right – I definitely have plans for bringing in something great here.

      Thank you so much for your motivating words! ❤

  2. Lovely Both the artwork and the poetry. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your support. I will pop back and visit you again. In love and light Cheryle

  3. Aishwarya, thank you for your beautiful poem. I appreciate how you you name how our imperfections that make us beautiful. Beautifully done.☺

    1. Thank you. I love your support and kindness. You’re wise and just reading this comment from you made my heart warm. I feel inspired to do my best by such gratitude from people like you. Thanks, again. 🌼 Best wishes to you and your family! ❤

      1. Your content and presentation is good. Just be consistent in posting (and if possible add some features on your theme) and if you do so I’m sure your blog will reach many people! Best wishes to you! Happy Blogging ❤

      2. Well you just select the customize option next to your theme and discover some really cool ways to start being a professional on WordPress. Happy Blogging!

  4. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m in the process of trying to connect the dots; I’ve cried out loud a whole bunch and soon they’ll see that what they thought they saw or heard was not correct. Someone said the people who hurt keep hurting others or something to that effect. Anyway, I believe it is true. Again, thank you for your kind words.

    1. You’re strong and courageous. Good things are just around the corner. Thank you so much for sharing your words, I’m inspired by them. ❤
      Sending best wishes and love your way! 🌼🌹

  5. Hi Aishwarya!

    Wow! What a wonderful sketch! It left me speechless for a moment!

    Thanks for liking a post on my blog as well!



  6. Aishwarya, I loved your characterization of the universe, giving it a language with “scars and bruises” for letters, and the encouragement to not disregard the words they speak or pretend that they do not exist. We hide behind masks out of shame for those injuries, when in fact scars should be a sense of a pride. They are proof that you endured some trial of this world and survived and, yes, someone will come who cares enough to hear the stories behind them.

    The drawing captivated me, and not only because Belle is my favorite Disney princess. Is it just pencil?

    Thank you for sharing these illuminating lines, Aishwarya. Best!

    1. I’m so touched by your beautiful words of appreciation. Thank you so much. You got exactly what I meant to convey through these words. Perfect!

      And yes, the drawing is actually a combination of watercolors, charcoal and pencil.

      Thank you once again for reading my blog and finding it worthy enough to leave a comment. ❤❤

      1. You are so welcome, Aishwarya. Your creations of words and images are amazing. I look forward to reading more!

  7. “We try to understand this language that the world speaks,” the underlying communication – tantalising subject, lovely poem 🙂

  8. Did you draw that picture?! That’s great!!! Great poem, also!
    I see that using our scars and bruises as excuses may be our initial reaction, for we fear pain. But when we can pick ourselves up and move beyond them with no bitterness in our hearts, they become a part of our story that made us stronger individuals.

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