You’ve Grown

you wake up, roll over and glance out your window

there’s a feeling about this morning, and you just know

how wonderful today is going to be

you’re going to feel light, beautiful and free

as a dove’s feathers that brush loose on a brisk morning

or a blissful snow that blesses the ground without warning

you sit up, stretch and sit for a moment in silence

you close your eyes, organize your thoughts and focus on your own presence

you are here in this life, right now

you are alive, breathing and seeing with your eyes and you wonder…how?

how is it possible to exist?

in this world so full of chaos…your light persists

it’s so pure and wonderful

it’s incredibly masterful

this life you’re living

all stemming from you just believing

it could be better

you stand up, smile and reach for your phone

and in that very moment, you realize how much you’ve grown



Thank you for reading! Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–


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35 thoughts on “You’ve Grown

  1. Haha! Reminds me of those days when I wake up from a good long sleep and feel like fresh laundry! This is beautiful! God bless! 🙂

    1. Hahah, yes. Sometimes the simplest things in life mean everything. It’s funny how after everything the sheer emotions of connecting with the warm and simple things makes our hearts full.

      Thank you for reading. ❤

  2. As I was reading this, I kept thinking, “I so relate!” I love this! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. It IS amazing, isn’t it? The simple yet miraculous beauty of our very existence and our ability to grow and change. Thank you for sharing your experience of that moment of recognition!!! Love and Light, jen

    1. Thank you, Jen. ❤❤ Yes, indeed the simplest things in life mean everything to us. It’s funny how after even having/owning everything we are still happy with the simple and warm things in life.

  4. Wow.. So beautifully written. You’re doing a very good job spreading hope and smiles in this world. You’re doing your bit in making this a better place and you should be proud of it. Proud of your own growth and your role in helping others with their growth.

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