A Small Reminder When You Face Troubles

This is for everyone who is determined to change their current situation. ❤

Also, a friendly reminder –

Everything has a good ending, if it’s not good it is not the ending.

I uploaded a post on my Instagram a few days ago and I feel it should be shared here.

Here it is –

“There will be times in your life when you face certain choices. To give something up, to begin something new. To eliminate a behavior, to rid yourself of a particular situation. There maybe people who don’t understand your path or support your decisions. It maybe tempting to second guess yourself and fall back into old habits. The work of empowering yourself is very difficult. But what’s worse is remaining powerless, feeling stuck, and, living under the gutless rule of someone else’s opinion of your life.

Believe in yourself because it’s worth it! Count on your experiences, love, family and faith. You’re strong. Believe that you’re strong.”

….because it only takes a “start” from you. And yes, there is something to be thankful about every single day. Count your blessings!

Thank you for reading.

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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38 thoughts on “A Small Reminder When You Face Troubles

  1. A very meaningful post with words beautifully written conveying a strong powerful meaning……Really worth reading when we actually face troubles..

  2. It’s so encouraging to read things like this. It keeps the doubt at bay, and helps me focus on the task at hand. I love your blog. Thanks for everything.

    1. You made my day!

      It’s good to know I can contribute a small amount of inspiration. Thank you ❤

      Love and Blessings xoxo
      Keep smiling 😊 ✨

  3. I that line – decided that bravery was the most beautiful outfit – seized my imagination.
    okay, so all of this is beautiful word pictures. Bravo.

  4. When people are young, and I mean each and every year they struggle with identity and confidence, whether 12 or 14 or 16 or 18 or 20 or even 22, they can see the reflection of who they were, to where am I going next.
    It can cause doubts, make them value themselves less, and worse, maybe not even try at all.
    It’s easier to stop that struggle as we age, perhaps never allowing it to fructify, and in most cases coming out of it unharmed.
    This was a wonderful and inspiring talk you’ve delivered, a beautiful poem, and as always, through love, hope and caring.

    1. I struggled with a similar issue in my teenage days. Was a difficult time. As you said, I promised myself I could do better and maybe the universe helped me through my journey in faith and belief.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope everyone reads it and understands how important it is to not lose sight of oneself.

      Love and Blessings to you, always and forever ❤✨😊

  5. You have no idea how much I needed to hear these words. I feel as though this message was for me, but such a message has an impact on so many! I started following your blog and shared this post. So encouraging. Will be great to read more! Thank you for being an encouraging voice in a world where it is easy to get pulled down.

    1. I’m grateful for such a heartfelt comment. I’m just happy to know I could contribute a small amount of inspiration.

      Thank you ❤ 💫 ✨

      Love and Blessings xoxo
      Keep smiling 😊

  6. I was saying something similar the other day that there are levels like a framework to life and to take notice when feeling lost or trapped.
    All that is known for certain is you’re born and you’ll die. Death is the fear of ending. Life is easy, you’ll do it automatically: you are born, you’re parented, educated, job/career, marriage, children–in a similar order. Those are almost a given and also automatic.
    However, we need a framework to tie them together so those two levels within that framework needs something binding.

    In times of trouble, yes.. embrace change. Pain and suffering is often about attachments so it’s important to know what the attachments are to learn what is within this web holding those 2 together; oddly it’s the only 1 of the 3 that matter. What gives you hope?

    1. You’ve said some very important facts about human life. I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment.

      Thank you ❤

      As for hope, “Aspire to Inspire” and “Give a little love to get a little love of your own” is how I can explain my hope to you.

      1. Thank you also. I can so sometimes hit a deep sadness/depression/frustration periodically so picking myself up is something I’m getting good at.

        I view it like Tao, the external world is yin, feminine and passive. If we use yang energy, masculine and aggressive, externally the yin will adapt and make things worse for us. If we use that energy through yin inside ourselves we will transform the yang and can then adapt to the outside; spirituality and growth.

        We have a big problem with this in the U.S. as of late. My hope for us collectively is that we bring in beliefs like Daoism, Buddhism, and Hindu that can blend with the Christian views so we can stop looking outside ourselves trying to bend the world into our vision while being blind to what that inner world vision is.

        With that– keep up the good work.

      2. Oh, side comment: the hidden context of my blog is this mixed with semi sarcasm. Maybe people will leave the outside world alone and appreciate it if they start seeing it sexually. <– lol

        It has many hidden contexts and meanings.

        Again, thank you

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