Who Are You?

It breaks my heart that most people haven’t a clue about who they really are. Nearly all of the people I talk with, whether on the “path” or not, do not recognize the majesty of their being.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that we came to this planet as physical beings with the foremost intent to forget who we really are!

We wanted to have the experience of removing ourselves from Source (or God, or Goddess, The Divine or whatever) so that we could have the awesome experience of remembering.

That people forget really isn’t that big of a deal. But that people remember is a big deal.

Why? Because if you remember that you are divine, you remember that in your divinity you have been given the gift of creation. You are a god being.

You are also eternal. You can never die. Oh yeah, your body will die. But you are not your body. Your body, like the rest of this planet and all the people on it, is an illusion – an elaborate, very believable illusion.


Let it in. Stop judging the god-being you are. And stop judging the god-beings others are.

You mean they are divine too? I thought they were part of the illusion?

They are divine. They are part of the illusion. Everything is divine. And everything you can see or touch or hear or smell is part of the illusion.

And you are creating it all.

So to judge anything or anyone (all of whom are both divine and your creation) is ridiculous. It would be paramount to being mad at someone because they hit you in a dream.

The more you own your majesty, your light, your love and your ability to create your world, the more empowered you will be.

Start today. With this intention: I intend to own and experience the power of, my majesty, love, divinity and my ability to create my entire reality to the greatest extent I am capable.

And watch your life begin to change.

I love you.


Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

Have a productive week!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–


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36 thoughts on “Who Are You?

      1. You are “right on” with your “Who are You” post! I thought that the analogy of hating someone because they struck you in a dream was the best way to describe the illusory world we live in. Keep on writing and sharing your illumination, Aishwarya!

  1. You seem to know exactly the right things to say, whether it is accepted and believed by others is truly up to them. Continue to inspire…continue to be divine.

  2. Who are you and Why are you here on Earth? This is a question one has to ask oneself when one wants to do the journey within `Self’. The unrest in Humanity around is the result of unawareness or not finding the answer to the question above. My feeling is, if one wants Real Peace and Happiness then one has to see the World from `inside out’ and thus doing, once the answer to the question above is found, `The Real Peace and Happiness’ follow with it.
    Every Individual entity – Living or Non-living for that matter, has a specific purpose to come into existence, If that purpose is fulfilled by that entity knowingly or un-knowingly, `Peace and Happiness’ prevail with that `Entity’, though the definition might be different for it, for every individual existence.

    Hence in our Ancient Spiritual Books The Happiness and Peace is said to vary time to time and that `period’ is divided in Four `YUGA’ They are – `TRETA’ `SAT’ `DWAPAR’ and `KALI’ and they are indicative of the Awareness of Humanity in that specific period, and by `Law of Nature’ the cycle repeats itself continuously.

    You again touched a very deep subject Aishwarya, by writing a Blog on `WHO ARE YOU’. Great, Keep it up. I await your next Blog with more enthusiasm.

  3. I can really relate to your heart, you’re not here to wow, but teach, and educate. Eclipse words, yeah; you named it right! It’s really refreshing to read your work, your wisdom far surpasses your years! Great job!

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