Positive Realizations

You attract according to your thinking. So think the best possible version of yourself and observe the world around you change.

Your view about people, situations, circumstances, or even materialistic things is what you have a view about yourself.

Now, this may seem over the top, like what is she trying to talk about or whatever, but in my opinion, the more clear and pure you’re about your life and you as a human being – the better version of everything you attract. Start with you and notice “miracles” being granted to you. I think the conversation we have with ourselves is a conversation with the universe. Hence, these “laws” seem to fit so graciously.

Begin now – with grace and gumption!

Some Daily Affirmations –

  1. I’m kick ass.
  2. I deserve.
  3. I’m worthy of everything I desire.
  4. I can achieve anything and everything I set my mind to.
  5. I am loved.
  6. I #slayyyy. (notice the tone going higher Lol)
  7. I’m happy in my solitude.
  8. What’s meant to be will be.
  9. I’m unique.
  10. I’m rad AF.
  11. I’m #flawless.
  12. I can change the world.
  13. I let go of grudges.
  14. I’m entitled to happiness.
  15. Change = Progress.


Children, and by that I mean kids.. babies I suppose. I observed this many times – they suddenly burst out laughing, sometimes not even needing a reason. That smile and laughter is the purest form of happiness. It’s so contagious that even as adults we can’t help but fall in love with them and notice that smile going wild on our faces. I think we all deserve to give ourselves a reason to smile every single day. If you don’t have a reason, just widen your lips and start laughing! Lol. You’ll automatically surround yourself with positivity. Hell, I’ll lend you my smile right now if you need one.

Remember this little girl? Oh, I do! She was the main reason to make me smile throughout that movie! Such a cutie.

Let your smile change the world! And bring in some positivity along with it.

Observe slowly, the miracle that occurs when you give yourself enough freedom to just be.


Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

Hope you have a happy weekend! Motto – Happy Me, Happy Life!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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31 thoughts on “Positive Realizations

  1. Actually this post made me smile. And I felt myself nodding along your lines.
    Isn’t it one of the basic laws of sympathy. Same seeks same, so if you are upbeat and throw a smile into the universe, their will be something beautiful coming back right at you. Loved reading this and I am pretty sure it just cured my headache (well, the coffee might have helped a little as well) 💜

  2. I totally resonate with your lines – “Your view about people, situations, circumstances, or even materialistic things is what you have a view about yourself.”
    In my own experience as well I have seen that almost every opinion and judgement I had about others or situations around me, were actually things that I very unconsciously had an opinion about in my own self. I started to dig into myself to find what I dislike about myself and surely I started to change my opinion about my surroundings as well.

  3. This post has made me smile this is why I have began to write! We attract everything so why not attract all the good! See it in your mind have it in your hands!

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