You tell me that you’re hopeless,
You want your life less than your death,
But if you jumped into a pool right now,
I know you’d hold your breath.
So I know that it’s not hopeless,
But that your hope’s just hard to find,
And if I showed you all that you can become,
I know you’d change your mind.
You might have hit rock bottom,
But it’s the perfect place to start,
Where the only thing you can hear,
Is the beating of your heart.
You have to almost lose it,
To remember what you’ve had,
And that there have been a share of good times,
Mixed in between the bad.
So don’t wait for the ending,
Until your last breath starts to leave,
Before you finally remember,
How much you love to breathe.
So breathe in, breathe out,
These moments which seem like eternity
Are but a clockwork in a whole,
Their grass may look greener from your side…
I suggest you focus on watering your own grass,
Helping yourself from these mind games to surpass…
For nothing is permanent in this universe my dear,
This too shall pass.

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

Wish you a happy and safe week ahead. Keep slaying!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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39 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I wished I could write like you…I really admire the articles you post… I will one day….such an inspiration….really lucky to follow this blog

  2. This is a very positive and life affirming poem.
    Sadly there Re those who don’t breathe but in most cases we would hold our breath.


  3. So loving and strong! I particularly like Your line “I suggest you focus on watering your own grass,”. That’s really beautiful and something I’ll walk away with! Whoever this is written for is very lucky to have You in their lives. Cheers!!! 💖☀️🌸

  4. I am soaking up your poems right now! I just found your blog and I am reading your poems out loud to my little daughter who is – like the rest of us – going through a very rough year(s). It’s her eye on my profile pic. Cute, right? Lol! Thank you for these poems! They mean so much!

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