It’s All About Perspective

“The remarkable thing is that we really love our neighbor as ourselves: we do unto others as we do unto ourselves. We hate others when we hate ourselves. We are tolerant toward others when we tolerate ourselves. We forgive others when we forgive ourselves. We are prone to sacrifice others when we are ready to sacrifice ourselves.” – Eric Hoffer

Others: a simple word used to describe people. A lot of them. Every single human being on this earth besides yourself. Others. At times they seem too many, too angry, too bitter, too selfish. Too stupid. Other times, it just seems they just packed they’re gone.

It depends on you, actually.

What others are and how others act and what you choose to think about others.

But they’re also people. They want something, they lost something. And they care. About something.

They’re not that different, and they’re not incredibly complicated. They just like to seem to be so.

Or is it you?

Maybe the world is just a mirror.

Think about it for a minute or two.

Does rain make you sad? Or does it rain only when you’re sad?

I’m not saying that our thoughts affect the world around us to such a degree that we can influence weather.

But our minds interpret whatever it is that it’s going on. And will give us the answers that we want, no matter how crazy or stupid they might seem.

Let me give you an example. You’re walking down the street and suddenly you think about someone you haven’t seen for a long time. Someone you haven’t spoken to, someone you didn’t even think about for some time. And then… a few moments later, you two bump into each other.

Some might see this as mere coincidence. Others as fate.

What you believe in has more power over you than you can imagine.

The good thing is that you can choose what to think.

Choice. This is one hell of an ability. To be able to decide what is what and act upon that decision.

The tragedy is when we let other take those choices for us, when we let others do the thinking.

Decide what this world is all about, decide what “others” are supposed to be like. Decide who you want to be and act upon it. Don’t just wait, do…

It’s simple, but not easy. It’s all about perspective. You change the world when you change yourself. Old habits die hard. But an effort to change daily habits (especially the ones which don’t serve you well) is what paves the pathway for a newer and better world around you.

What I’m really trying to say is this: our actions are determined by our thoughts. Those same actions determine the thoughts and actions of others. Might want to think about that for more than a minute.

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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37 thoughts on “It’s All About Perspective

  1. Choosing to talk is good, choosing to decide is great. How about, get up and do what needs to be done and see throughout the choice. Matters most. Now walking through that perspective and having done so, knowing the experience of the self.

  2. A delightful call to action. We need perspective through reflection and introspection and then we can see others as we should, good or bad.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the content. I’ve mentioned it before and I shall re-iterate it, the idea of helping people and making them realise things is quite a wonderful one. Having said that, since I am on the rising end of the learning curve in this trade that is writing, I find a few portions of your article wee bit confusing technically. I might be horribly wrong. It’s just my “perspective”. 🙂 No offence to you. I just wanted to improve myself. I ignored it as the thought for me overshadows everything else. And that is the motive isn’t it, for words. To make sense, to influence and to be sharper than the swords.

    Coming to the subject, I wish to add something. While I agree with you, it requires great deal of courage to take control of choices one makes. Decisions or choices made do not necessarily align with practicality. And hence it requires courage and support for one to enact upon them. With practicality as resistance being offered, the amount of effort required increases. Hence I only wish to offer support, provide comfort, and say that everyone is fighting the same battle. Do not be scared.

    1. Well I agree with you too. There’s absolutely nothing to be against of. I just raised my perspective and you, yours. That’s why everyone has a voice and knowing the cause and actions of it, one may act accordingly.

      As far as decisions and choices go, oneself is obviously at the receiving end of the “final call.”

      Anyway, thank you for reading. I appreciate your insights. I respect your opinion.

  4. First of all, the glass of ice is spectacular. It looked like a photograph at first!

    Second of all, you deliver another inspiring and true post. Our attitude – our perspective – determines our actions and how we interact with others. How often we divide the world into “us” and “them” without realizing the interconnectedness among us all! This opinion has caused and continues to cause conflict worldwide. What would happen if everyone woke up one day and remembered that we are all, as Kirti asserted, fighting the same battle?

    1. Exactly. It indeed is a crucial battle. If the day come, I only assume everyone would finally realize that they are as human as any other being walking this planet. The question of judgement would blur away. Otherwise I think everyone should know the other person is going through some or the other battles in their lives as are they, and kindness and love would work a long way.

      Anyway, thank you so much for reading. I appreciate your comment. I respect your opinion.

  5. This is a beautiful piece (and drawing) that deserve some contemplation. In some respects, it reminds of the teachings of Lao Tsu. We need to learn to observe without judging and always choose to be compassionate beings.

  6. Yes! So true – we all have a different perspective which is influenced by our nurture, our nature, and our experiences. Very interesting read. Also, do you illustrate all your posts yourself? You always have such interesting images =]

  7. Your amazing insight for the human spirit is a gift. We indeed are emotional creatures that are motivated into actions by our thoughts. Change those thoughts and we change actions. We are all given the power within to do this. Tapping into the spiritual realm will lead us down a path of the ultimate spiritual connection. We are all of us connected by the enduring emotion of love. All thoughts, all patterns, all actions, all emotions are ultimately connected to either having, needing, or receiving love in all of it’s forms. Thank you for your beautiful blog! I look forward to reading it when ever I have the opportunity! Many Blessings! Kari

  8. Marshall Rosenberg’s _Nonviolent Communication_ suggests that all humans are innately compassionate. When we empathically listen to one another’s needs, we want to meet both our needs. How do we know what we need? Take time to discover what creates harmony for us. These are our core values. That which does not create harmony can be improved through human compassion. Works with others and the self. 🧡

  9. Hi, it’s all true that everything hinges on our perspective. I even think life itself is loved in the mind of human beings and we collectively through consciousness explore the universe and that’s why it’s ever expanding. Be that as it may, thoughts are the building blocks of life. Life is a series of choices made consistently over time. We cannot divorce our thoughts from our actions. I love what Buddha says simply thoughts are things. Cheers! 🖤

  10. It very true!! What you think about yourself might not be what others think of you❤️ It’s very important to respect different perspective…

  11. Perspective’ – yes! The way we see this whole Universe. The way you have depicted this whole perspective and the law of attraction which I initially read in the “Secret” book, is actually everyone should believe. We can actually all be happy just by changing our perspective towards everything. You are an inspiration for my blog which is also related to perspective only. Damn, this Universe is nice and infinite with full of perspectives!

  12. PS – I am just scrolling your blog and I can find a place full of treasure! Damn! I am so happy I found you. Keep inspiring me. ❤️🙏🏻

  13. Nice! I just started my blog last week and I just wanted to tell you that I love the posts you write! great content and helpful, Thank you! please follow back 🙂

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