Too Far Apart

“There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words knowing that people from all over the world are going to read them. People of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of different religious beliefs. Most of them, I’ll never get a chance to meet. Most of them, I don’t know how they look like, what’s the thing they want most in this world, or what is it that they’re afraid of… most of them are perfect strangers to me.

Yet, simply by writing these words with these strangers in my mind, having the certainty that my words will reach them, they become a little bit more than strangers. They become human beings, just like myself, and that is one of life’s greatest achievements.

Because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to realize that every single person we see walking past us on the street is another human being. We have become immune to everything but ourselves: we see tragedy and pain on the news, read about it in newspapers… it all feels fake somehow. We can no longer empathize with others, just because we’re so many… so, so many.

And we really are so far apart from each other, because we all build invisible walls to keep us safe. It’s all about our needs, our desires, our pain, our tragedies. We want what we want, and we won’t give up until we have it.

There’s a distance between people, between perfect strangers inhabiting different worlds. That distance has to be traveled one step at a time. We no longer have time for that. We want instant gratification.

We want what we want, and we want it now.

So we no longer care about building genuine relationships with others. Social media, blogs, podcasts, and all that stuff… it makes it easier to feel less lonely. But this kind of interaction doesn’t change the need for real-life interaction.

What I’m really trying to say is, we no longer care. We no longer try. We don’t want to build, we just want to buy it already assembled and ready for use.

Yet we still dream about the perfect love, the perfect story, the perfect ending. Yet we still search. The pursuit of happiness still takes up most of our time. There’s a website for everything these days. The answers to our questions are just a few clicks away.

It’s not about physical distance, it’s about the distance between souls, about the barriers we build, about our unwillingness to let other people in.

There are so many of us, and yet on some days, it seems we can’t reach a single soul, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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61 thoughts on “Too Far Apart

  1. There is so much truth in this. I always try to treat each person, even on the internet, as soecial. Becayse everyone IS special.

  2. So far the weight of distance hurts, so close that we struggle to breathe. One click away buy always a heartfelt decade of walking to reach. You’re right, we need to use the mass of bodies to connect rather than let it highlight the loneliness that comes to us all.

  3. Great post Aishwarya. In so many ways the world has become a global community, where everything and everyone is ‘closer’ and yet we become more distant.

  4. These were powerful words. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I think of these tragedies everyday yet we barely hear people utter these words, let alone put them in writing.

  5. I like to think of it sort of like pen pals; or messages in a bottle, maybe a little bit of both. You write a letter and send it out, its get read by who knows how many people, and some write back. With the ones that write back, maybe you set up a regular correspondence. You get to know them and they do become known to you over time. I have some of these “correspondences” that go back 10, 15, 19 years now. Some of them I have met offline too. There is no such thing as “pixel people”, though, people are real whether you know them personally or not. It does make for a smaller world even if the distance is still there too.

    1. This is a wonderful way to look at it, thanks for sharing your words. I’m glad you liked reading it and thank you for taking your time to read and share your thoughts ✨😊❤

  6. Just go anywhere in public these days and see how many are interacting face-to-face and how many are staring at phones. Just look away! Smile at people! Engage!

  7. You are right, Aishwarya. Those we’re the days when each one of us had invested time in every relationship. Especially, friendship. Now, everything is superficial. Including those whom we think we know, but don’t know. Everyone of us is immersed in the digital world. We need to lift our faces from our mobiles/laptops and connect with people/strangers who can become best friends for life. By the way, a wonderful write as usual.

  8. Very true Aishwarya. The world isnt quite what it used to be because people have changed. They have become more self centred. Like you said, no one cares anymore.

  9. Reading this, it almost felt like you were sitting beside me. Glad to know there are people like you in the world: honest, sincere, hopeful, and inspiring.

  10. I do love the drawing you have at the end. Beautiful.
    Somehow I find it difficult to believe that people don’t want real relationships.
    To share with friends is a natural human trait. I find there is a hunger from many,
    including myself.
    In a cafe yesterday my friend and I ended up talking to two waitresses and we shared which countries we came from, how come we were here and life in general.

    All of us left richer.

  11. Again I read your write-up today. Your each word seems to come from an angel trying to tell the world to slowdown, listen, care, love, get-together, help, contribute, unite as one human-race which seems to be, as on today, unique and only in the whole universe, only existing on this Our Mother-Earth.

    Yes, those were the days, just about 20~25 years ago when all this stuff like mobile, laptop etc was either coming or not known, till than all communication at distance was having a personal touch. My letters written to my wife, friends etc on paper and I received from them at that time are still preserved and have a very different and personal touch which all of we cherish. The society seemed far apart spread but still was having feeling of togetherness. Family, friends getting together were having
    Personal talk, group talk always and the sweetness of every member was weaved together and united the people. It doesn’t mean that has gone now altogether, but yes the fabric of that personal touch is missing. The new generation seems to loose family values, values which preserve and tie together with Mother Nature is diminishing. Now the world seems to run behind unknown and not ready to stop and care. The rat race is not going anywhere to the ultimate, since there is nothing like ultimate, there is further ahead of it always.

    Your this article, if read and followed by a few of them, will and should act as a spark to ignite a togetherness value in the Human race, since that spark is enough, to spread in the nook and corner of Our Mother Earth with no time, as the new innovations are quite strong to do so. . .

    Best Luck To Your This Journey Aishwarya. At this so young age you seem to be grown so high and wish to carry the weight of so big a task. Great Soul, Great Idea, Great Movement.

    I keep following you always on your next article, enjoying every bit of it.

    Let Your Wishes Come True Soon Aishwarya . . . Amen Amen Amen.

  12. This is such a wonderful, well stated piece. Fits right in with my personal creed to love everyone. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. My dearest….it isn’t about what “they” do. It is about what “you” do. Continue to do what you know is right for the pursuit of your spiritual wellness and you will know that you are not alone and that not “everyone” has given up on love and relationships. “They” just need to hear your voice in the dark calling them to action! Many Blessings!

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