I’d love to share something with you today. A part of me. And I couldn’t think of putting it as graciously as I do through my poetry.

Here I am. This is me. A part of my soul, in your eyes through my words.

I feel this breeze of air through my skin running deep into my veins. A fresh new voice calling me. I can hear it, but it’s not as clear. I strain my ears just as enough to listen to this distant voice – A familiar hearing.

This is Life calling you Aishwarya – Are you ready for it? It’s going to be tough. It will bring you to your knees. Just look up. Pray. Get back to working with yourself. Life works while taking small steps. Just when you realize you’re not that far yet, you’re already a long way through in your journey. Believe. Become. All it demands is a little faith and a whole lot of strength and courage. It’s okay to stop for a while. To let yourself charge again. It’s okay to not know everything and make mistakes. So that you can face it all. The secret – It will rain. You’ll start drowning AND that’s when you’ll finally breathe.

| JUMP |


The wind rushes past your face, your eyes catch a glimpse of life.

Your mind brings you to a halt because you fear that you’ll land on a knife.

The world is in front of you with opportunities galore.

Is there really life out there? Is there really more?

As much as your heart wants to, your mind will not let you.

Will not let you jump off of this ledge; it wants your feet firmly on the ground.

You close your eyes and think, and when you open them again, you look around.

The sun is setting, the mountains are smiling and the ocean is laughing.

Everything is telling you to take a leap of faith.

Smile. It’s a weapon. (Also, don’t mind the no makeup no filter look lol)

But fear holds you back and says, “stay, just in case…”

A bluebird zips around you and you understand its chirping.

It assures you that you are safe and that no danger is lurking.

That on the other side of fear, there is bliss.

This is why your heart is begging you to go; there are things you simply cannot miss.

The laughs, the love, the success you’ve always dreamed of.

You grab your chest, feeling your heart beat fast.

You glance back behind you and see your past.

A tear falls down your cheek as you realize that you must let go and go for it.

Fear is screaming now, “Stop! Stop! It is not safe, you will regret it!”

The clouds part and the sun illuminates your body, flooding you with magnificent heat.

You have felt Love and it’s something that no fear can ever beat.

You smile to yourself; you know what you’re going to do.

You throw your arms up, fear can no longer control you.

How liberating this is.

You take one last look at your past and finally push off with both feet.

Exhilaration floods you, adrenaline electrifies you. And fear takes a seat.

When you land, you look around and see other people who are just touching the ground.

As you look closer, you notice that they have realized something so profound.

Just as you begin to wonder what they knew, it hits you.

You jumped. You survived.

You now walk among the many who are dancing, the many who thrive.

You are surrounded by feelings of accomplishment, excitement, and delight.

You hear others celebrating their jump, their risk, their flight.

Your heart seems to beat to the sound of the drums around you, thrilled.

You know now that if you would have stayed stagnant, you might have been killed.

The fear tried stopping you, it tried holding you back.

And now you feel endless Love, and fear is now something that you lack.

You are ready to move forward and to experience this beautiful life.

To find your passion and not be held back because of a strife.

You are capable of silencing the fear and being brave.

You will now do all of the things that your soul actually craves.

Your happiness is the priority. And unfortunately for the majority…

It is not.

Many still listen to their fear.

So, my dear,

Inspire them to do what will save them.

Inspire them to jump.


With Love and Light,

Aishwarya Shah ✨❤

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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71 thoughts on “Jump.

  1. Hey Aishwarya!
    Congratulations I have just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Do have a look at my latest post and revert to the same in addition to completing the nomination on your timeline! So long! ^_^

  2. marvelous! “That on the other side of fear, there is bliss” – that is truth, isn’t it. we hold ourselves in check when letting go, we can be the person Spirit leads us to be….

  3. So very true. It’s hard to take that first leap into the unknown. No one likes to leave their comfort zone or run the risk of failing. Thank you for sharing this personal piece of yourself. Also you look great without makeup. Absolutely. Flawless. 🙂

  4. “If we cling to belief in god, we likewise can’t have faith since faith is not clinging but letting go.

    To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.” – Alan Watts

      1. Oops, commented on the wrong one.
        If it didn’t make sense, I was referring to this one, not the other.

  5. This is beautiful! You’re absolutely right, we’re not going to always know everything, just know that you are enough. Baby steps are progress. And taking time for you to take care of yourself and recharge is a necessary.😊

  6. Somewhere rings a faint bell… overcoming fear, the process of growing.
    Thanks for writing that. I really needed to read it today.
    Thanks for listening to that voice.
    and thanks for the line:
    “That on the other side of fear, there is bliss”
    Love, Matthias

  7. Now I have an almost life-size picture of you…thank you.
    Please do not leave school, it’s still safe where you’re at. And of course the best thing, everybody’s your age and peer.
    Don’t trust the water thing, not everybody can float. Instead get lots of life jackets. People you can love because of who they are. Here’s my favorite line from this whole page…Here I am. This is me.
    A part of my soul, in your eyes through my words.

    I’m not going to cry, even though it is that beautiful..A part of my soul, in your eyes through my words.

    Yet if I did, it would be for all the people who are tormented by color. By race and ethnicity.
    I wish you the most wonderful of weeks, as you have christened mine.
    Stay blessed. Love and Peace.

    1. I’m in tears. Literally.
      This is the most beautiful, home-like thing I’ve read. I needed that! Staying away from home to a home of beautiful wishes here. Thank you so much! ❤
      I will try my best at school here plus learn and grow with every aspect of my life.
      You feel like a guardian angel, Philip. I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful comment.
      Love and Hugs,

      1. We complicate life I think, because we sometimes forget that everything is a process. Our shoes never tied themselves, we folded one string over the other.
        Everything will always be that simple, and it’s in the practicing that we experience our growth.
        Love to you as well darling. Stay safe.

  8. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read right now where I’m at in life. I can’t write much because I’m going to bed but I just wanted to let you know! This beautifully written and also, you are beautiful! I’ve taken many leaps the past year always heading towards my dreams and pretty soon I’ll have to take some more and I am terrified!! But I use fear as fuel and nothing will stop me. It is very exciting to be so close to something so big and so real, and it is also scary because it’s all I’ve ever dreamt of! And the adventure, the unknown, and that place, as you referred to it, as a land where the dreamers can finally dance free. It all makes so much sense to me right now and it’s a shame my eyes can barely keep open and I can’t express anything! Haha Anyways. Thanks for sharing!! And I will definitely come back for more later on!! Xxx

    1. Just trust your path and believe in yourself. If you’ve come this far, sure you’re worth it all. I’m glad you found my writing just when you needed it. I feel that you’re ready, for whatever it is that you want, through your words.
      More power and love to you,

  9. Beautiful; both your words, and your heart! Your words are always beautiful, because it comes from the heart! A natural beauty, inside and out; smile is your weapon! A wonderful post!

  10. Love this! I could feel the urge to jump as I read through your poem. Fear has kept me from a lot of things because playing safe was better than playing with uncertainty. Love has certainly helped me overcome certain fears too. Wonderful job!!

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