Forbidden Fruit

[Before I share with you this Forbidden Fruit]

{HELLO ! Now I know I mentioned this in my last post, but I just wanted to mention it again here.

I’m very much nearing the 5k follower mark. Yayy! hah!

I’m having mixed feelings of happiness, excitement, and anxiety!

It’s just that, I feel like doing a Q & A for you. Send me an email or comment a question you feel like asking me. Anything! About my blog, blogging or even about who I am as a person – my likes and dislikes. We’ll connect a little more. Anything appropriate will be answered with your blog and name mentioned, in a new blog post, when I reach the 5k mark!}

Namaste! 🙌

Now… I had written this years ago to convert my thoughts into words. The constant voice in my head strung together some beautiful alphabets to bring this “day-dream” to life.

(We all have been through a feeling which we don’t understand quite as well.  It creates a “dopamine” and we just can’t get it out of our system. We get addicted to the sheer thought of it. To anyone who has experienced this, including me, this one is for you…)

Here we go..

Forbidden Fruit.

I like to think of you as a basket of starlight lilies. Sure, it is not the most beautiful flower that blooms prettily for her admirers. But so are you, with your half-scathing words that are lathered in sarcasm and served on a platter to fool the rest of the world.

I like to think of you as two hands holding when the sun is not looking at them anymore. I like to think of you, as the warmth that is enclosed in between those embracing palms, remains like the remnant of a story left unspoken. They are not sweat-kissed anymore, not like they were last afternoon when they laid, conjoined, each line, with its separate destination, congruent to the other, as if right there, in that very moment, they whispered to their destinies, fuck you.

I like to think of you as something akin to the bite-marks on my lower lip, the ones that I spend a lifetime giving to myself when I catch you looking at me, as I try to look away, only hopelessly gazing at you once again.

What would they say? What would they say if they ever read my eyes, peeped into my thoughts, turned a blade through my heart and bled out its secrets?

Will they be ashamed?

Or more importantly, would you be ashamed?

I like to think of you as the interludes between Madonna serenading to some bearded Mexican fellow to ‘La Isla Bonita’ when those unknown instruments go tip-tap-tipper-tapper to the tone of something tangibly untouchable.

I like to think of you as someone I have touched, in some forgotten dream, perhaps in another lifetime, and now, I am just a ghost, retracing those old roads, hoping they would lead me to you. Who knows? Perhaps we will meet somewhere in between and lie to each other, saying they were crossroads, before walking away.

I like to think of you as a forbidden fruit, one that I have already tasted. But the gods were cruel. Their punishment was to make me forget how you did taste in the space between my lips and teeth, the warmth that I must have felt when the droplets of you trickled down onto the flesh below my teeth, warming my mouth, warming whatever was left of my soul.

I like to think of you as the secrets friends share when even the moon hides in the night. I like to think of as those secrets that the stars steal away from them when those shining tricksters peep out of their cloudy caverns to listen to their words.

And I would keep counting, counting endlessly, until I remember all that I think of you; until you remember that maybe, just maybe, I like you to think of me too.

The art is created using charcoal, pencil, AdobeIllustrator and some finishing touch of filters. 

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Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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25 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit

  1. Funny that I had just had Blues Travelers on my mind this past week, their picture posted on my latest story page. They wrote a song Battlefield, introducing the three halves of the whole.
    I got that impression from this piece as well, whether it be the words vying for position and power, or even line against line.
    The funniest thought came to my mind, that when you think you know a woman, they shock and amaze you. I’m not going to use the i word, as innocent would be incorrect, except for that which lies within your naivety. But I loved how the paragraphs formed into battlefields.

    1. Innocent isn’t totally an incorrectly used word since I wrote this when I was 19. I was cleaning my room the other day and came across my collection. This particular peice caught my attention and the thing goes – Nostalgia. I couldn’t help share it here.
      I should listen to that song you just mentioned.

      1. I don’t know; it just wasn’t my favorite of your writings, I enjoy your post, I find them informative, spiritual, from a experienced perspective versus a learned veiwpoint for me ,this was a different side of you, a darker more vulernerable side, I just did not want it to be the last post from you .

  2. Ah, missed the Q&A… I haven’t really been on here lately…

    A reason I started looking into astrology is actually mainly because of some things mentioned: just curious if things showed up, and cross referencing what it says by actually things… then reference with myself if it adds up.

    A blog existing is in it specifically about “soul” which was being pestered into it, yet, not quite there because I’m still in a mental organization mode.

    Point: I like cross referencing your blog to see how much fits my own. So there’s a reverse Q&A.

    Initially I had 3 friends bug me about writing up about Jungian Analysis in a non Jungian language so it didn’t have the mystical word associations and examples of it in daily life so it dropped the new age feel, and it’s practical. And the blog existed, yet, I haven’t organized yet so it’s still under construction.

    I’m scatter brained and I get lost in my head so things take forever. lol

    My only question would be about your own core inspirations. Though, I believe inspiration is just part of finding your own voice within them, but it may bring in new ideas.

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