This One Is For Papa…

22nd June 1961.

The Divine Spiritual Forces decided and blessed the world with yet another divine soul. I call him my father. My Papa.

Today is his birthday and though this may seem old-fashioned, I penned down a few words for him. Although no language or words or alphabets could ever convey my wish/thoughts/love for him, I’ll try…

A throwback to a looong time ago at Golden Beach. Simpler cameras and crooked smiles.


They say there is a spiritual divine force to hold your hand in toughest times, cherish your human soul and manoeuvre your path in life.

Here’s wishing that pellucid force in my life a very happy birthday. My safest place.

This one is for the greatest blessing I was bestowed upon the moment I entered this world.

To the man who has redefined the word “Hope” for me. To the person, I inherited my strength and love from. I love you.

No matter how beautifully I’ve tried to string the words together, they somehow fell short for all that is I feel about you. So just… .. …. Thank you for being my safest place. Thank you for making me realize the reality in every situation. For that healing kiss on my forehead. For that “jaadu ki jhappi”

To the man who has set the standards about love, peace, and goals for me.

Happy Birthday Papa 💎 ❤


little girl,

always and forever.

(jaadu ki jhappi means a “magic hug” in Hindi)

Another throwback to happy times.

20 thoughts on “This One Is For Papa…

  1. That’s a lovely tribute. Considering your beautiful and inspiring work, I suspect he played a big role in help you develop all that talent, too.

  2. Happy birthday to your father, giver of jaadu ki jhappi. (“Jaadu ki jhappi” sounds like one of those words with an English translation that does not do the original meaning justice.)

    I understand the inability to express the feelings of one’s heart in writing. Even the most skilled writers have trouble finding the right words to thank someone for something as incredible as love.

  3. You are a very special daughter! Incredible. My birthday is the same day as his. Who would have figured? I am so grateful to watch you grow in the spirit and blossom into the person that you are meant to become. You will be a light for many. I know you will. Many blessings!

  4. Beautiful thoughts. I love to hear parents cherished by their children, especially fathers. Western culture seems to be against fathers, so it is encouraging to hear your sweetness and praise of your beloved father.

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