The Gift

Three people are given a magical gift by a luminous, kindhearted fairy.

The gift is that for just one hour, they get to experience magic and wonders. This limited time is filled with visual delights, food of the utmost deliciousness, amazing people with incredible talents, and love.

The first person is a great woman, and while she’s grateful for the gift, she has lots to do and so regrettably has to spend a lot of it replying to emails and texts, and checking for updates in social media. She does take some pictures of the delicious food and shares it on social media, though she doesn’t pay attention to the taste.

The second person is a bit of procrastinator (OK, let’s be honest: a big procrastinator), and while she really wants to use this gift wisely, she keeps putting it off. She spends much of the hour watching videos the first guy posts online of the magical world, but she doesn’t go out and experience it herself.

The third person is blown away by this gift. What an incredible opportunity! She realizes she needs to make the most of it but isn’t sure how.

So she starts by paying attention. She notices every little detail. She listens to the amazing people she meets and tries to really see them for who they are. She tastes the food and pays close attention to every sensation as she eats, savoring the food slowly.

She then practices gratitude for every moment, every person, everything she’s given. She’s filled with happiness by every little thing in this hour.

Finally, she changes people’s lives. She uses what’s left of this dwindling hour to learn magic skills, to heal people who are struggling (including the first guy), to make things to delight the other amazing people in this magical world.

She becomes the gift for others.

The hour is over, and the first two people realize they’ve wasted the gift, and will never get it again. They’re filled with regret. The third person has no regrets, because she paid attention, was grateful, and used the magic to change lives. She used the gift to its fullest potential.

Which of those three people are you?

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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16 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. This is a fantastic tale and it teaches a great lesson.

    I would like to point out one minor detail. The three people are referred to by “she” pronouns but the first woman is referred to (twice) as the “first guy”. It makes it sound like she’s a man even though she is described as “a great woman”. It’s a minor thing and I wasn’t sure if it was intended or missed during editing.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. This is a brilliant reimagination of old fairy tales and a great analogy, connecting to your post from the other day about Social Media. Maybe the three people are one and the same, in different stages of their life and the fairy came back to see, if they have grown enough to wield the magic she is granting. I love, love, love the butterfly. How you created it, it totally embodies transformation. Please let us see it, once you coloured it!

    I cannot tell you, how much this resonates. Thank you 🦋 💜

  3. If you don’t mind, are all these artworks yours? They are beautiful. I know that whale and rose were definitely yours? Remaining, too?

  4. You are spot on in your analysis. We often busy ourselves with unimportant tasks like replying to emails that could benefit from our time in that magic hour. We often put off the experience because it requires effort on our part. Experiencing that magic, even if it isn’t like Harry Potter magic, is one of the parts of self growth and is essential to connecting with others on this planet. I love the story!

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