A beautiful day to continue my float
The river’s so cool and the sun full
Me smiling alone captaining my rowboat
Excited for all the fun that awaits


Downstream I float

A dragonfly lands to inspect my craft
Her bow, more gouges and cracks than wood
Her planks, a guestbook signed by rocks
“I guess we’ve seen a lot,” I say and laugh

Downstream I drift

Waves ahead but they look smooth
I could straighten out with a stroke or two
Right back and left forward would do
Alas, no need for me to make a move

Downstream I bounce

Tents, campfires, friends up on the left
“Hey, buddy! Come over for some chips and beer!”
But it’d be a lot of rowing to stop I fear
I smile

Downstream I continue

My fingers clutch pristine motionless oars
Handles stained by years of sweat
Strange that the blades have never been wet
Maybe I should have tried and stopped

Downstream I’m dragged

A sunbather perches on the bank
“Hey, you’re cute! Stop for a chat?”
But I’d have to move my arms for that
I look away

Downstream I go

Gentle current carries a branch floating high
Happily passing me and spinning on its own
Beautiful now but I sigh at its fate
To be forced under at a logjam and drown

Downstream I follow

On the right a large eddy swirls
Children play where water meets sand
Beckoned to stop by the boy with brown curls
I just wave

Downstream I’m pulled

A dangerous rock divides the stream
The river crashes and sprays left and right
Go left or right! Either left or right!
“Fucking move the oars,” I scream

Downstream I’m forced

Of the course, I have no plan
Of the oars, I have no grip
I am not the captain
I am simply adrift

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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