So….This has been going on since June. The first time that I was notified that there was something “fishy” going on.

First off, I’m extremely sorry to everyone involved.

I wanted to apologize him personally, but I thought, since he directly posted a blog on it, I should apologize to him publicly.

This blog wasn’t a sole owner property. It was managed by 3 of us who regularly posted and even commented and/or liked otherwise. The name was mine, Aishwarya Shah at, but maybe sometimes the person behind it wasn’t me all the time. This led to the so called “borrowed” and posts.

I have already had a conflict with my friends on this, and taking back what was mine has caused problems since 5 months now.

I know it must’ve led many of you to think which post was actually posted by me.

Noticing the comments and questions on that blog post,, I can understand what you might have thought. I don’t blame you and you have the entire right in the world if you think “reporting” or “lawsuit” is right. I’m just, sorry. I’ll credit each “borrowed” post and/or take it down completely after uploading this blogpost.

Before anyone else comments, try this crazy thing called asking first. Not everything seems like it is behind closed doors.

I’m leaving these Screenshots of me with the writer, Belinda Stotler, who first notified me in June about this. I have since then, either left a note at the bottom of the blog or removed it completely.

For her understanding I’m thankful. And to the only person who emailed me after reading his post about what was actually wrong and asked me to come forth with the truth, I’m gratefully in debt of your understanding. It took everything in me to come out and say this publicly.

These Screenshots that I’m posting were from something uploaded back in April. I was notified in June. And I didn’t even know till then what was going on over the last year. And the loop has been going on since a few months. To the people who have been following me from the start, thank you. And the only lesson in all of this was – trust is something invaluable to be just given to anyone, be it your friends or anyone.

I have been cleaning up a mess, not created by me in the first place.

Just, sorry!

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  1. Sorry this has happened to you. The e-world makes all sorts of weirdness and badness so easy. I’ve had some outright theft of my work (non blog stuff). It’s very frustrating. Hope you can get your situation all sorted out well. Blessings!

  2. You have acted nobly and courteously. It is good to know the author of the poem was understanding and reached out to you personally in such a professional and courteous way. Thank you for the example you have set on how to properly handle such a delicate situation.

  3. When people can work anonymously that can happen. And it can also happen when for many different reasons which can/has impacted major media corporations; I wouldn’t dwell on it.
    It would be a good blog from you though related to how ego can disrupt moral decisions and ethics.

    The chain of emails did bring up a question I would ask: since you can do amazing illustrations, have you ever considered creating characters in a illustrated story to teach eastern philosophy?

    Again, disingenuous things just happen and it’s not worth dwelling on too long. It may just mean to run your site yourself.

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