High Performance Bullet Points

These past months I’ve re-organized, re-thought (is that even a word?), re-iterated and re-energized my entire schedule. It wasn’t easy neither was it impossible. I just kept on upgrading on myself. Keeping my mantra – it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it – at constant call in my mind, I chose to calm my nerves and lose myself to blissful acceptance. Acceptance of self and life. Sometimes, we just need to let things flow and instead of taking control, let time take its due action.

I don’t know about you, my writing style changes according to my mood and thoughts. Think of this blog post as my personal letter to you. I went for coffee last evening and completely enjoyed my own company. Call me crazy, but I had this amazing juvenile expression toward life and a newly found amazement for my future goals.

That is why today I want to talk about habits of really high performing people that I’ve noticed and encourage you to explore these areas in your own life to see if you’re really optimizing in the best way you can…

  • Planning PROPERLY

When I say planning properly, I mean stepping back, seeing the big picture and vision then working to create a strategy from it.

You want to be able to see your goals, then work through them to build up a strategy (your solid action plan) and KPIs for each individual goal. This planning is going to save you so much time (and errors) in execution mode.

You should also be in the habit of sharing these goals and KPIs with your key stakeholders to make sure everyone is on the right page.

  • Health Above All Else

Seriously, without your health, you wouldn’t even be here…

Your health is not something you should be compromising in order to “get ahead” and here’s why: you’re only playing the short game if you’re not making sure you can sustain a constant level of high performance.

It’s not cool to hustle yourself into the ground. A high performer knows this and makes it a priority to work on energy levels, boosting brain power, regular exercise, supplements and diet plans.

  • Constantly Learning

You don’t know everything.

You should be constantly in a state of learning and you should be making time every single day for this. Whether it’s reading or listening, high performers allocate uninterrupted time in their schedule daily to increase their knowledge. Bonus points if you can also combine listening to a podcast/audiobook whilst working out.

  • Finding The Best People

…and making friends with them.

High performers surround themselves with other high performers. Can you honestly say that your closest circle are inspirational and killing it too? It’s so important to find people who are on an ambitious journey of constant growth just like you. This will open you up to so many great habits, insights and contacts/networks.

  • Focus

One of the biggest dream killers? Procrastination.

Focus comes from a few things, but in particular, it’s knowing exactly what you should be working on and having the brain power to sustain that. If you know that you could really improve your focus, you need to get clear on why. Ask yourself, what will I lose if I don’t get better here? Then when you notice yourself drifting off, remind yourself of what you’re giving up.

I also recommend working in time blocks and taking time to re-focus with some breathwork before starting each new tasks. Doing all the right things for your wellness and not allowing yourself to reach the point of burnout will also really help improve your focus.

…of these things, can you spot some areas that you can really commit to working on?

We should always be looking for ways to increase our performance, it’s not a one and done thing.

With new phases of growth comes a need to have the performance to match.

Above all, smile through your problems/mistakes, learn from them and upgrade to an even better, wise, sophisticated, fruitful level.

I hope you found this useful & that you have the best of outcomes for your dreams!


Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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5 thoughts on “High Performance Bullet Points

  1. A lot of good information. Now to incorporate in my life! Each day my prayer is for the Lord to order my steps and open my eyes to see where He is leading. I usually, have a semblance of a plan to start with though and just try to keep an open mind as to what comes my way.

  2. Love the positivity! Healthy for the soul!
    I said this when I first cam across your write months back…your face is adorable! Good luck to you in life! ☀️

  3. My writing style definitely changes with my mood and thoughts also, great to know in good company! ❤️

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