7 Easy Ways Of Overcoming Procrastination

Do you frequently find yourself sitting on important decisions that could affect your life? Do you feel that you are not making any forward movement on critical issues because you just can’t seem to make up your mind? Is your decision making process bogged down by too much research, too much brainstorming, and unending back and forth discussions with friends and colleagues?

Then, you are a victim of procrastination. Like me. Like most people on this planet.

I read it on Google, the Harvard scientists call this phenomenon as Analysis Paralysis. Quite a fancy name (like Procrastination needed a fancy word, really?)

It goes like this…
Analysis paralysis is a situation where the sheer volume of analysis overwhelms the decision-making process itself. If it’s happening to you, it is critical that you recognize it and take steps to get out of it.

Of course, when we make important decisions that have a potential to change our lives, we must tread carefully. We must research all benefits, understand all costs, and thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons. That is prudent. That is necessary.


However, our problem begins when we cross an invisible line and move over from the world of prudence into the territory of inaction. Once the process of gathering information overwhelms our capacity to use that information in any beneficial manner, we have entered an unmistakable state of perpetual indecision.

But we don’t acknowledge our indecision, do we? Of course not. We tell ourselves that we are researching the issue!

We have all been through it. We have a pending decision that we know has the ability to change our lives in a positive way. We have researched it thoroughly, we have thought about it at length, and we have Googled it to death. We know it in our heart of hearts that this is something that we must do, something upon which we must act.

And yet, we do not. Something holds us back. Something inside us tells us to not believe in ourselves! A sort of irrational inertia sets in within us. An inertia caused not by our fear of failure, but ironically by our sub-conscious fear of success!

How can this be, we ask ourselves – how can this decision be so easy? We must be missing something! We begin to doubt ourselves and we begin to question everything, even though we know all that there is to be known about the issue. We begin to rationalize our inability to make a decision.

And very often, by the time we realize that we have waited too long, the opportunity of a lifetime has passed us by.

So, what do we do? How do we avoid this unfounded paralysis, this unending procrastination?

Well, here are seven tips that can help you overcome this affliction:

  1. Make your schedule more manageable and cut unimportant items out of your To-Do list. Your procrastination may be your brain refusing to cooperate with an unreasonable schedule.
  2. Manage your time better, and don’t let tasks linger. One at a time, begin the tasks that you have been putting off and start checking them off your list.
  3. Reduce stress in your life and make time for fun activities. Procrastination is sometimes a coping mechanism that slows you down in order to reduce anxiety.
  4. Get Physical! Get off that couch and bring your energy levels up by engaging in a physical activity: Walking, running, swimming – or whatever else works for you.
  5. Motivate yourself by trying to do what you love. Lack of motivation and procrastination can feed on each other, so break away from that vicious cycle by doing something that motivates you – a job, a hobby, a course, an activity.
  6. Overcome your fear of lack of skills for undertaking a particular task. Jump into the task head on and the skills will follow!
  7. Do not mistake delay for perfectionism. Don’t try to wait until the task in its entirety seems perfect in your mind. Break it down into sub-tasks, and take the first imperfect step. Remember – an imperfectly completed task is a thousand times better than a perfect task that is never started.

Remember these tips and use them whenever you feel you are getting bogged down by analysis paralysis. The benefits of overcoming procrastination add up and can result in significant positive changes in your life!

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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27 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways Of Overcoming Procrastination

  1. Putting things off tends to make me feel anxious so I try to do this things soon rather than later…not wanting that looming anxious feeling is usually a great motivation for me personally.😉

    1. That is a good way to get started. Tiny steps lead to big things when we look back.
      Best wishes! ❤ X

  2. i needed this. never have i heard it this way and it is really motivating. u know, i saw the title and out of guilt, i actually didnt want to read it …so i scrolled a bit but im so glad whatever it was made me go back and take a look.
    thanks lady for this!!
    i may need to keep reading this daily.

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