Free From Life And Death

People talk about freedom as being free from rules, laws, and responsibilities: ‘I want to be free from my troubles.’ ‘I wish I was free from the past.’ ‘I would like to be free from my worries.’ Freedom is not a physical release or an escape door. It is not about running away from everything. Freedom is not only what you like to do. Your likes and dislikes are the basis of your bondage.

Through liking and disliking, you weave a web of limitations that take away the freedom to just be. The moment you establish your likes and dislikes, you are excluding parts of creation and are trapping yourself into a lifelong bondage that takes away the possibility of knowing life in its totality.

Freedom is about being able to joyfully do what is needed for the situation. An action is always about the situation, not the way you fancy it. This will release you from a compulsive action.

The only one who has no need for action can know the true joy of action. To be free within yourself, forget the very meaning of anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear.

Freedom is an expression of your inner nature, unbounded and ecstatic. It is a dimension where life happens to you in an absolutely explosive way.

Freedom is about being free from your own thoughts, emotions, and actions. Freedom is the awareness that opens the way to an intelligence beyond the thought that makes life an expression of joy and peace, instead of being a futile pursuit of that. It is a way to be where every breath happens in the ecstasy of feeling the existence dancing within you.

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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