Restless Soul

The moon’s light dances through my window, I watch it as I lay in bed.

There are so many beautiful things going on inside my head.

I close my eyes and exhale, sinking deeper into my sheets.

My heart feels lovingly optimistic about all of the new souls I will soon meet.

For my soul has been thrashing within me, making me feel alive.

It’s ready to emerge now, to jump out and thrive.

It was held captive in the dark for the longest time.

And it’s so excited to come out and shine.

It quivers at the idea of tangling intimately with another again soon.

I open my eyes now and gaze up longingly at the moon.

A smile forms on my lips, as I realize that loving myself makes me whole.

That it is the absolute key to releasing my restless soul.

Thank you for reading. Love you for that!

—–Have Hope.Keep Faith—–

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28 thoughts on “Restless Soul

  1. Lovely! I had a small apartment on the 3rd floor and when there was a full moon I would leave my blinds open so that my room would fill with moonlight. It was tiny, but it was my favorite apartment ever! I feel a smile on my face when i see the full for the first time in its cycle. Its like seening an old friend. Thanks for sharing. It conjured so many pleasant memories. All the best.

    1. I’m absolutely glad to know you could connect with the poetry so well.
      Thank you!
      hugs and love xoxo ❤

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