Thinking Like A Proton (Universal Oneness)

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Thinking Like A Proton – Universal Oneness

There is a concept in physics ─ a fascinating concept ─ called entanglement. Einstein referred to entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.”

In brief, entanglement means that a proton in San Francisco, if it is entangled with a proton in London, will react instantly to any change in the proton in London, and vise versa. It’s like having two identical cats in different places that act as one cat.

Where this becomes practical, from a metaphysical point of view, and certainly instructive for those trying to minimize ego attachment to human thought processes, is when we note that people, having the same idea at the same time though they do not know each other and are living in different locations in the world, are entangled, that they are not having a singularly original idea.

Overall, we think any new thought entering our minds (even this thought) is an original thought and individual to us, but it may not be. Perhaps nothing a human thinks originates with a single individual. Further, if we take into account, for example, the multiple similarities between the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids, entanglement may exist in time just as it does in space ─ the distance between things.

If ideas are entangled in time, like protons are in space, an idea in the mind of an individual in the past or future, entangled with an idea in the mind of an individual in the present, would place in the mind of the individual in the present ideas which enter the minds of individuals in the past, present, and future, simultaneously. No thought would exist in isolation from all thought.

Though we tend to disbelieve “we are one” (often justifying human selfishness), in fact, we may be one. One, not only as a body of people alive today, but one with the body of those who have been and those that will come to be.

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21 thoughts on “Thinking Like A Proton (Universal Oneness)

  1. Interesting post dear, so that also leads to the question of free will and thought and who is really controlling who ?


      1. Penrose doesn’t talk much about it, Hammetoff never stops. lol

        Penrose doesn’t believe consciousness derives from complex computation, that’s what most subscribe to. He views it as the brain being a hybrid system of physical computation and quantum. Hammeroff had a theory that anesthesia proves the brain doesn’t need consciousness and anesthesia shuts it off by how it interacts with microtubules. It’s been a while, but it pretty much says quantum wave collapse in microtubules is responsible for consciousness which is a frequency the brain receives which is always there. Protoconsciousness, simply.
        In 2014, they did measure quantum vibrations in microtubules, but I haven’t heard anything new about since then.
        Hammeroff says it supports the Buddhist view of consciousness, Penrose only discusses it related to AI,

  2. I tend to see the universe as just a single entity and we are to it, as an atom is to our bodies. As for entanglement, it is a fascinating phenomenon. I understand the currently demonstrated distance that entanglement can occur is 72 miles.

  3. One more topic of my utmost liking Aishwarya. In fact we all are connected and interlinked through mind process. We are the replica of our own Higher beings, situated, as a single cluster for all, at the core of the Universes. The thought in an individual is a continuous process from past, present to future. There might be improvement in the basic thought originated. The thought coming in two minds at the same period indicates the Unity of those two minds, They both or either one of them knows the other and wants to convey the message and the other person, when in the same thought-frequency range receives the message and thinks it to be its own. This is hitherto a complex process for science and not understood. But since long it is a known fact. Now Science has named one part of it as Telepathy. The Universal Oneness is to be still understood by Science but an old story for spiritual followers.

    Nice short post from you Aishwarya.

  4. Started reading the Tao Te Ching recently, just got to the part where Lao Tzu compares the heart and mind to sensory organs. Instead of creating thoughts and desires, we merely perceive them as we would a noise or a smell. Was having trouble wrapping my mind around that, but it makes a lot of sense int he context of entanglement.

    Great post!

  5. Hi… you just limed one of my recent posts!… you do realise my blog is all about how how Quantum mechanics has been the biggest mistake in the history of physics (and philosophy), how future generations will look back upon it as ‘the Dark Ages of physics’, there is no such thing as Quantum Entanglement… … the greatest scientific mind and in 400 years, Dr. Randell Mills has built a theory of physics, the Cosmos, reality that is unrivalled in science…. and in doing so has unlocked a clean, safe, non polluting and unlimited energy source that can save our species.
    (Also unlocked the secrets of the atom, of ecular modelling, a new theory of the Cosmos (no Big Bang, but an Oscillating Universe)… potentially the beginning of anti gravity… some of us an tire comparing his work (Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics) to Newtons Principia…

    I havery to tell you all this… but Quantum is the biggest load of baloney in the history of science! 😀

  6. I suspect time is like a bunch of wormholes, winding thru and possibly connecting souls like noodles on a plate. That’s how I’m coming to see it! Nice to see someone talk about this stuff.

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