You Are Her.

remember that woman you always wanted to become?

the one that you’d picture in the mirror, when everything was said and done?

you swore up and down that things would change

your job, your smile, the clothes you wore and even the bangs

sitting in school, you’d daydream about the life you wanted to have

you were so lost in those thoughts, that you completely missed all of what you already had

desperately wishing for more will only focus on what you lack

you must realize that everything you want already lies within you and in your backpack

your passions, your skills, your kindness and heart

use all of this to create all of the beautiful art

you are such an amazing human with so much in store

i swear all around that you are the farthest from a bore

your eyes tell a story others cannot hear

your fingers crave to create magic, but you may have fear

for what the rest of the world may think of you

“someday, i will take charge and do what i want to do”

you sigh loudly and look around

i wish i could tell you that you are already so damn profound

you were her then; you are her now

you were always this woman, you just have to allow

for the growth to consume you

the inspiration and dedication to capture you

don’t worry, darling

you are her.

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—–Have Hope. Keep Faith—–

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27 thoughts on “You Are Her.

  1. WOW! You make such beautiful art! Both your sketch and your poem. I love it.
    Haha, I always admire artists so much. I can’t even draw a good stick figure. Lol! 😀 Your talent is amazing.
    Thanks for the encouragement today!
    -Mrs. B.

  2. Ash, I am so glad that I overcame my initial “what??” Aishwarya Rai Bachachin wrote to me? impulse and read your last name. it was a funny moment. I am glad I looked into your site and sight, to understand your foundation and contribution to the Arts. It is with happiness to say your work is foundationaly classicist yet forward looking enough to make it essential viewing. It is a pleasure well met, Aishwarya. I look forward to more of your Arts.

    1. Thank you!! 💜 I really appreciate such wonderful words.
      Best wishes to you.
      hugs and love,
      xoxo ❤

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