Holistic Success And Emotional Harmony

Financial success without emotional balance can cause havoc in a person’s life. This could be why many financially successful people suffer from stress, anxiety, loneliness, anger issues, and broken relationships. To cultivate emotional harmony within, the following could be practiced:

Know yourself:

To know what emotions you are feeling is the most vital step to bring emotional harmony. A self-aware person is more likely to manage his emotions than someone who is not aware of the emotions he might be feeling. A lot of times, we act or judge people based on our feelings and emotions that we may have experienced. At this point, if we are aware of our emotions, we will act in a more appropriate manner which can help us in succeeding in life.

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Be your own driving force:

It is essential for us to keep motivating ourselves to identify our emotions and manage it according to the situation. Acting spontaneously could sometimes lead to severe consequences. In order to motivate ourselves, we have to consciously remind ourselves to identify our emotions and manage them, especially in stressful situations. Conditioning our mind to consciously remind ourselves about our emotions, feelings and thought process helps us in taking control over our decisions and actions. Meditation is an important tool for conditioning our mind as it helps us to bring focus and change our thought patterns, too.

Adapt to change:

Just by being aware of our emotions and by motivating ourselves to work on our emotions is not enough. We need to understand that when we are changing ourselves we need to be open to adapt ourselves with that change. We, at times, become so rigid or we become so comfortable in our thoughts that we stop seeing the need to change. Being flexible and adaptable help a great deal to succeed in life. To let go is also a mechanism to bring change, for example when we let go of unconstructive thoughts, we are changing our brain chemistry.


Remove doubts and fears:

We tend to doubt our own abilities and fear about not being able to manage ourselves. Sometimes this fear is not just limited to us, we also tend to doubt that while we are managing ourselves what if the other person in the situation doesn’t reciprocate in the same way? This expectation from others also becomes an obstacle in our pursuit of emotional harmony.

Take one step at a time:

Do not overburden yourself by overthinking or by putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve emotional strength faster. The transformation has to be step by step.

Continuous effort:

Success is not permanent. And success is not limited to financial growth; it is all about succeeding in life in all areas, be it personal, emotional, relationships or health. If we are emotionally successful, we can strive to achieve success in all other areas, too. Emotional harmony is all about succeeding in managing our emotions, which is a continuous effort.

Our emotions drive our thoughts which in turn create behavior and lead to action. If we are successful in balancing our emotions, our actions would automatically lead us to a life which is more fulfilling and positive. Life will always have its ups and downs; if we accept this fact, it will definitely help us to become more positive and look at life as a way to learn from it!

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  1. Very good article. If one can understand that biased perception is the driving force behind emotions, then one can learn to harness the control of that driving force. Let us not look to the exterior for happiness, but rather look within, where it lives. Again, very good writing, and thank you for sharing.

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