Weekend Reminder

Happy Saturday (or Sunday if you’re on the other side of the world lol), beautiful people!
This is to all my hustlers (or side-hustlers who are working on their business + job), working like crazy all week, as a reminder to sit back and take a break. As the good old saying – HEALTH IS WEALTH.

I hope you had a great week. I took a few days off this week to simply be. I didn’t look at my texts or my notifications or my emails all day long. I didn’t pressure myself to respond to everyone and everything the moment it came in. I didn’t overthink. Or fear the future. (i already have a major dental surgery coming up and i’m downright terrified. please pray for me!)

I indulged in the moment. A lot.

I got super efficient with my work, dedicating short blocks of time to tend to business emails and serve my clients. And I got everything done.

I actually had one of my most productive weeks in a long time. And I spent the least amount of time at a desk. I got my hair cut, drank wine, spent time with friends, slept a lot, cooked healthy and delicious food, took long walks, organized my wardrobe, and went shopping. (of course, i attended my lectures and studied too! and worked on my business at the same time) And it felt easy and intentional and amazing.


I also snapped this photo below yesterday as a reminder that the quality of our lives are our business cards (one of my fave mantras) That mantra reminds me to be a reflection of the woman I want to be. To be a reflection of my own values. To walk my walk.

You own the right to have a balanced life.

We are hardwired to think that hard work has to take up countless hours each week in front of our email, or in front of our desk or in front of a computer screen, that it has to involve a ton of sacrifice and misery, and feel uncomfortable at all times. We are never taught that it’s not just important to take breaks – it’s necessary.
I’m not saying success doesn’t require work. But I believe that “work” includes downtime, it includes luxurious wine (or whiskey or beer) dates (with yourself, trust me self-love is worth it all), it includes beauty and self-care, it includes time with friends. As a human, we are the entire package. We must feel nurtured and cared for and relaxed and stylish and healthy if we’re going to show up for our businesses (and daily life inded) the way we want to show up.
In other words, burnout ain’t cute. So let’s get ahead of it.
This is a reminder to you + me that life isn’t meant to be a hamster wheel of screens and notifications. Go do real things. Be with real people. Be with yourself. Let go of the obligations and everything you think you should be doing and give yourself permission to do what feels good.
Log off and start to live.

It’s my #1 secret to rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit. And believe me – the rewards you will reap from a few days off the grid are priceless.


Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing, guilt-free, indulgent weekend…



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16 thoughts on “Weekend Reminder

  1. You’ve expressed one part of the essence of the Sabbath of God. I know most Christians think of the Sabbath as a burdensome law, but that is not God’s intention. Part of God’s intention is for us to realize that we are not slaves to our work. We can choose to be free and enjoy a day, without working. And, as you so eloquently put, “I took a few days off this week to simply be. I didn’t look at my texts or my notifications or my emails all day long. I didn’t pressure myself to respond to everyone and everything the moment it came in. I didn’t overthink. Or fear the future.”

    God knows how He made us, and that we need the regular reminder to enjoy life. Taking a break once a week from the ‘hamster cage of regular life’ can, and does, wonders for the body and soul, as well as for one’s relationship to Yehovah (God).

    – Yosef

    1. I’m amazed and I feel so much inspired. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. Thank you !!

      Best wishes.
      keep smiling 😊 ✨ ❤

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