The Greatest Life Lesson I Learned From Warren Buffet

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It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! – my fav quote for life!

Hi everyone!

Before the weekend kicks in, and we all enjoy and laze around all cozy and comfortable in this cold, COLD climate, I want to share this writing which is really close to my heart. Like really!

This is a topic which has been taught and passed down by my father.

My Papa is a huge Warren Buffet fan and I too was fascinated with the life and life lessons of the great Mr. Buffet from a young age.

I’ve read so much about this man that I can practically give a speech about him Lol.

Anyway, I’m sharing with you what I think I learned (after practically using it in my own life) from Warren Buffet. I sincerely invite you to ask/think some really important questions of your Life, as I did.

Stay with me on this one.

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The Greatest Lesson You Can Learn From One Of The Richest People In The World: Warren Buffet

When it comes to designing your life, one of the ideas I like to come back to again and again is this:

If you want to be successful, the quickest way is to model and study what other successful people do.

Seems simple, right?

Why would you reinvent the wheel? There are so many people out there already living the kind of life you want to be living — why not take a page from their book?!

That’s why I love this lesson from the great Warren Buffett. And if you don’t know much about Warren, he’s 86 years old and the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. — a man with a net worth of around $75.6 billion. And no, that’s not a typo!

Buffett isn’t just run of the mill rich – he’s one of the RICHEST PEOPLE in the WORLD! So clearly, there’s a lot everyone can learn from him and other successful people.

I always come back to learning something from this great man and combining his teachings with that of my father and continuously trying to improve myself for the better.

Indeed. It’s always a work in progress.


Let’s start this lesson with a question…

If You Had To Choose One Car That Would Last The Rest Of Your Life, What Car Would You Choose?

There’s a great quote from Warren that’s made its rounds online that I think everyone should read. It goes something like this:

When I was sixteen, I had just two things on my mind — girls and cars. I wasn’t very good with girls. So I thought about cars. I thought about girls, too, but I had more luck with cars.

Let’s say that when I turned sixteen, a genie had appeared to me. And that genie said, ‘Warren, I’m going to give you the car of your choice. It’ll be here tomorrow morning with a big bow tied on it. Brand-new. And it’s all yours.’

Having heard all the genie stories, I would say, ‘What’s the catch?’ And the genie would answer, ‘There’s only one catch. This is the last car you’re ever going to get in your life. So it’s got to last a lifetime.’

If that had happened, I would have picked out that car. But, can you imagine, knowing it had to last a lifetime, what I would do with it?

I would read the manual about five times. I would always keep it garaged. If there was the least little dent or scratch, I’d have it fixed right away because I wouldn’t want it rusting. I would baby that car, because it would have to last a lifetime.

That’s exactly the position you are in concerning your mind and body. You only get one mind and one body. And it’s got to last a lifetime. Now, it’s very easy to let them ride for many years. But if you don’t take care of that mind and that body, they’ll be a wreck forty years later, just like the car would be.

It’s what you do right now, today, that determines how your mind and body will operate ten, twenty, and thirty years from now.

– Warren Buffett

Now that you’ve read this quote, I want you to think for a moment. Consider…

Are You Going Through Life Knowing You Only Have One Life To Live?

Are you making goals and taking actions that will support your body and mind for the rest of your life?

Are you putting systems in place so you can spend more time on the things that are really important to you in your life?

Or are you simply letting your life pass you by, drifting and unconsciously making choices that serve no purpose?

Look into your heart — be honest with yourself.

Is your life out of whack? Are you negating the important parts of it? Your mind? Your health? Your relationships? Your leisure time?

Is being successful the only thing on your mind? Because being successful doesn’t always mean making a crapload of money.

Money without health is pointless.

Money with no good relationships will make you lonely.

Don’t forget what’s truly important to you and don’t forget you are only here on earth for a short amount of time. So make sure you are taking care of yourself fully.

We are holistic beings. Every part of us works together harmoniously. And the sooner you realize this, the better and more successful you’ll be. True or true!?


Here’s How I Am Creating My Ultimate Life — One With More Fulfillment, Happiness, Balance & Success

Friends, you’re not alone.

For a long time, I couldn’t ever get the most important parts of my life working together at the same time.

I am working on my business and career to give it some shine and glitter, but my health and relationships are suffering. Then my health and relationships get better, but my career severely suffers and I have no “me” time. Can you relate?

I keep referring back to Warren Buffett’s words:

“This is the last car [Life] you’re ever going to get… It’s what you do right now, today, that determines how your mind and body will operate ten, twenty, and thirty years from now.”

So I do a lot of inner work and digging. And I ask myself a lot of really powerful questions to find out what truly matters to me so I can start prioritizing what would make my “car” last a lifetime.

I asked myself simple, but powerful questions like…

  • What do I REALLY want?
  • Why don’t I already have it?
  • What would it be like or feel like if I got exactly what I say I want?
  • How can I get or accomplish what I say I want?

I even go on to ask these same exact questions in all the categories of life such as my money, my business, my health, my relationships, and so on. Now, these may seem like ordinary questions, but I invite you to ask yourself these same questions and really take the time to reflect on them in the different categories of your life.

Because when you discover what you truly matters to you — things that will support your body and mind for the rest of your life — suddenly the path to living your ultimate life becomes much more clear.

And there is a power behind clarity!

Clarity leads to power. And power is the ability to do or act.

Now my health, relationships and other career aspects of my life are at least on a good track I must say! I can also give myself some “me” time due to all of the book reading sessions, sole eating (and shopping) sessions, and meditations that I do. Lol. Good or good?

So, now it’s your turn! What are your thoughts on Warren Buffet’s lesson? Share in the comments section below — I’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Blogging! ♥♥♥

Thank you for reading. Love you for that! ♥

—–Have Hope. Keep Faith—–

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19 thoughts on “The Greatest Life Lesson I Learned From Warren Buffet

  1. Much needed message for today’s generation. It’s good to be reminded that we have only ‘one life’ to live.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful lesson. The best thing I read in the morning. I came across a small thought while reading this… I’m so full of energy and want to become the better version of myself, but, I’m scared this energy might vanish in a while .To be honest, we all experience it. So why don’t you write something about that? 🙂

    1. Wonderful idea Prath, I’ll definitely write a piece on that. Thank you, and more power and love to you!

  3. Sigh I love/hate posts like this. It is filled with so many good nuggets of wisdom about finding balance and going after what really matters to you. I have reached a strange point in my life in which I struggle to figure out what I really want most out of life. I’ve already (mostly) raised great kids. I have a fulfilling job that I love. I’m healthy, at an ideal weight, love my body, exercise regularly. What more should I want? I have no social life, no relationships, but I no longer want that (far too many negative or damaging experiences to make these goals worthwhile). I would love for the man that I still love to return to my life, but that’s out of my control. All other desires are meaningless by comparison. Thanks, Warren Buffet, but now I only feel worse for not knowing what more I want in life.

    1. Don’t lose hope. Just keep yourself engaged in the activities you love. Be a passionate person rather than finding your passion. 💎 💖 🌹 🌟 More love and power to you!

      1. It’s funny that you’d say that. i was just thinking lately about how I used to be passionate about the things I do, but now, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of that passion. Being ambivalent, or even indifferent, rather than passionate, makes it much easier to accept change, loss, or disappointment.

  4. I’m always sharing this same philosophy of we have one mind and body and the things we say and do to our body and to ourselves day in and day out has a direct effect on what happens to us in the future that we need to take of ours mind, body, and spirit.

    1. I always love your thoughts and words. It resonates with me so much. You’re a wonderful writer and I’m thinking by these words, a beautiful human being too.
      love and hugs,

      1. Awww thank you, that means a lot to! I always enjoy your posts and feel like we’re kindred spirits who want others to know how unique and special they are and how much they have to offer themselves and the world if they believe in themselves.
        Love and hugs!🤗 ❤️

  5. Hello from Dubai.
    Great content. I am looking for variety on my feed to read and get more knowledge on different subjects. Ans your posts are really informational and inspirational. Hence followed your blog and hope you do follow me as well for interesting travel related stories. Happy blogging.

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