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You know that feeling you get when you’re out dining in a fine, glamorous restaurant, and you take a bite of your food and suddenly realize it was way more than you can chew without looking really crazy? That’s exactly how I felt when I typed in the title of this blog post. Finding your passion is a massive conversation. A giant loaf that is way too big for that bite. But I’m going to do my best and address it anyway because I’ve gotten so many requests to broach this subject. Which makes me realize that there are so many people out there walking around, passion-less. Read that sentence over again if you have to. And then you will understand exactly where I’m going with this post.

I have written about growth mindset and how passion maybe, “maybe” a myth. You can read it here – Finding your passion is a myth?

As the New year is upon us, and the fear of setting goals and resolutions and starting new and wonderful seems all right, we all know something happens around the year and we fail to stick to our so-called “passions.” While I’m in total support of keeping a diary and a planner for the year, I know for once that we need to learn to forgive ourselves for accepting ourselves completely. There is an immense power in self-acceptance.

I had to write this topic as a quick reminder check for 2019!

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I was talking to someone the other day who was so worried about finding her “passion.” She felt so stuck on discovering this big, magical purpose that would change her life and make her feel like she had a reason to be on this Earth. And it was making her confused and frustrated.

And I totally get it! The self-help world is a billion dollar industry. People have written hundreds of thousands of books on how to find your passion. Gurus have dedicated their life’s work to helping others do the same. This world somehow makes you think you’re some kind of epic failure if you haven’t nailed down that one “thing” you were sent here to do.

As someone who has never had an issue with finding my passion, I’ve honestly had trouble helping people who do. You see, I have always just been passionate. I move from interest to interest, gliding along into whatever feels good. I’ve never really stressed about it. So I’ve always found it difficult to give advice on how exactly to do that. But at that moment, I broke it down like this and she said it changed everything for her, so I wanted to share it here for anyone who may be struggling with this.


Don’t focus on finding a passion. Focus on being a passionate person.


Focus on bringing as much joy into your life every day. Do the things you love to do. Eat the foods you enjoy eating. Spend time reading books that set your imagination on fire. Wear only the clothes that you feel absolutely fabulous in. Be around people whose energy makes your soul smile and love them hard. Do all of those things without judgement. Do all of those things without expectation.

If this seems daunting, start small.




Choose one way to add more “fire” into your life this week. Can you sign up for a course you’ve been thinking about taking? Maybe call up that girlfriend/boyfriend (or any friend you are thinking about) who you know you always have a wild night out with and just do it the hell up? Book that trip you’ve been thinking about taking. Dye your hair maybe? Or if you love being indoors, cook/order some comfort food, drink your favorite drink and roll up like a cozy burrito in your bed. Give yourself time for self-nourishment and self-love. Wear something a little eccentric (that you secretly love) in public and vow to not give a shit what anyone thinks of you.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? Passion isn’t this one “thing” that you find and work on for 8 hours a day.

Passion is energy. It’s a style. And a way of life.

Focus on being a passionate person, and everything else will line up. I promise.


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Happy Blogging! ♥♥♥

Thank you for reading. Love you for that! ♥

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  1. Great post. Your soul lives in a place of love.

    If people would come to understand that the greatest purpose is finding your authentic highest self which is the embodiment of all your passions. My new title, F*ck The Pain and Make Today Your Bitch nails it .


  2. In my own experience, I’ve listened to people who want to, say, be a writer, and feel passionate about it, but look at writing as an impossible goal due to the perceived time and effort involved. The key is to feed the passion in small, manageable steps; start by sitting down for 15 minutes and just write. It doesn’t have to make sense, Just do it and let the pen take you wherever, and enjoy the journey.

    This is true with any passion. You don’t have to be an expert overnight, and that’s okay. But use each day and learn something about your goal today and add to that base tomorrow. Have fun with it, and you’ll be more likely to stay passionate about it if you do!

    1. Yes. This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your words. I learned something today. Thank you!! 💜 ❤ ✨

  3. I think something along this same topic that many people struggle with is maybe they’re multi-passionate and don’t know how to blend their interests together or don’t know what one to choose to focus on. Great read!😊

  4. it’s funny how much things turn around for the better when you stop caring about what others think about you and what will make you happy and you just start doing the things you want to do and you end up happy anyway. Good post!

  5. I found my passion after failing and falling a gazillion times. It is when you keep coming back for the same thing, still smiling and beaming with enthusiasm, that you know it is you are passionate about.

  6. You look too young to be writing such insightful articles. Enjoyed this one. Yes, it is a big loaf to try to bite, so break it into pieces and nibble slowly…

  7. All too often we get distracted by every day life and “forget” to do the things we love. The phases which were the hardest, were when I was not taking care of myself. So, totally agree with you 🙂 Thanks for this!

  8. This is one of the best post I trad today. And it resonates with me really well. I’ve been that worried person who upon seeing others work passionately towarss their interests, quwstioned myself for being a mediocre. After years of trying and faiking, I’ve finally understoid the basic ideology behind passion- Being a passionate person. I am trying to be that by being aware and mindful in every activity I do and try new things while being totally engrossed in it. I have to remind myself more often than I want to to be aware but it seems to be worth it. I am becoming a passionate person.
    The way you’ve explained is beautiful. Thank you for this post 🌸

  9. This reminds me of one of my favorite T.D. Jakes quotes “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose”

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