25 Ways To Spread Some Joy

Make it your mission to make someone happy!

Winter always seems to bring back all good and bad memories. The holiday season and the New Year! Sometimes, they make us nostalgic and that’s what I’m feeling right now. Everything is starting to look grey and I feel blue. Yes, even I’m human and I don’t everytime be positive and mind glowingly awesome. I don’t feel bad sharing about this either. It’s a natural phase, I suppose. So now, simply sitting here and feeling nostalgic and weary, I’ve decided to share some joy so that my heart smiles remembering this day and when I look at it this way, I’m already smiling. It makes me happy just to share more and more cheerfulness. Spreading more sunshine and warmth this cold season!

Anyway, the reason behind my mood, I thought as I was feeling a little blue because of the on-going rubbish weather, I would try to make myself think of 25 things that would cheer me up. Doing this task really brought me out of my funk and if it can do that for me, it might be able to help someone else feeling a little down.

So, here are my 25 things to help you spread some joy and happiness to others around you:

1/ Make someone an awesome hot chocolate – with marshmallows, cream spilling out the top and grated chocolate over the top. Now, who could stay blue at the sight of that?!

2/ Buy your partner or best friend a big bunch of their favorite (fresh) flowers – as colorful as possible and as fragrant as can be.

3/ Tell someone you love them – a friend, family member or your partner, it doesn’t matter who it is.

4/ Give someone your leftover time on a parking ticket – I often have 30 mins or so left on a ticket to try to give it to someone about to buy their own ticket. It’s not much but it sure puts a smile on people’s faces!

5/ Help someone carry their bags – whether from the supermarket to the car, old or not, give someone a helping hand.

6/ Send your Grandparents a letter – how I wish I had my grandmother with me right now! I miss her and remember her every.single.day. I loved both my grandmas and without a doubt, they’d be super proud of me today. I wish I could go back in time and just see that smile on their faces for once. Nonetheless, if you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents, write them something meaningful or stay and talk with them a little. They absolutely will love you for that. Even a small tiny gesture full of meaningful thoughtfulness will leave you both filled with happy hearts!

7/ Wash your and your parents’ vehicles (with their permission) when you do your own – it won’t take long and while you are out there, you might as well.

8/ Visit family – whether they live nearby or not, make an effort to go and see them every now and then.

9/ Bake something for a friend or family member – everyone loves a baked something! Plus, it shows you have thought about them and out in the time to do this for them.

10/ Take your old clothes…etc to a charity shop – help them raise money for a worthy cause with your old items that would otherwise end up in the tip.

11/ Volunteer at a local charity for a day – often your employer will be able to give you a charity day of work. A day out of the office for a good cause.

12/ Buy a sandwich for a homeless person – it might not seem like much but to them, it could be a lifesaver!

13/ If you live at home with your parents, make an effort to clean the house for them – brownie points like this will go far and it will mean so much to them.


14/ Leave an extra large tip at your coffee shop – every little thing helps!

15/ Reach out to a stranger who is in need – maybe you see a Tweet from someone saying they are feeling down, offer them some kind words. It might make their day!

16/ Smile and say hello to strangers you pass in the streets – a simple smile and greeting might just turn their day around.

17/ Give a donation to someone doing something for charity – even if it’s just $1, something is better than nothing.

18/ Pass on a book that you’ve enjoyed – include a note in the book for that person to pass the book on once they are finished.

19/ Offer to babysit for a friend/ neighbor – they may be in desperate need of a break but don’t have the money to pay for a sitter.

20/ Donate un-used craft items to a daycare or primary school – don’t let your unwanted items to go waste, give them to someone who will take pleasure in using them.

21/ Offer to let someone go ahead of you in a line or a queue – a small gesture that might just make their day or at least put a smile on their face.

22/ Cook a tasty meal for your family.

23/ Donate old magazines to a nursing home, a doctor’s clinic or dentist.

24/ Donate a basket of homegrown veggies from your vegetable patch – you may have an allotment patch or just grew a few bits in your garden, why not give a few bits away to someone in need.

25/ Send a thank you card to someone who has made a difference in your life – whether old or new, this person did something that touched you or made you a better person. Send them a little something to say thank you.

I hope these 25 ideas have given you some inspiration on who you can spread some joy to and help other people in your life. I’d love to know which if any you decide to do.

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53 thoughts on “25 Ways To Spread Some Joy

  1. I’m glad to see you added sending a card. As a handmade card artist I can tell you sending cards is going out of style. Greeting cards are ‘a hug with a fold in the middle’, at least a handmade one is . On my display there is also these words….Handmade because….no one displays an email on the
    mantel..or shows off a tweet on the refrigerator..or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures.
    Sending cards,and letters, is also keeping the written word alive and the postal service in business.
    Thanks…that is my soap box for today.

    1. Ya, It too make handmade cards for everyone which are close to me..Because of greeting cards no one use handmade cards or “make” a card.. Thats so bad..yeah you are right!☺

      1. I love making cards for family and friends too. I make collages from magazines. I like to do so, because it’s fun, more thoughtful, and cheaper than most greeting cards.

    2. A hug with a fold in the middle and saving in a box like a treasure. I so love that you’ve shared your words and what you do here. I personally love Handwritten letters. There’s nothing like it. As you said, a message will last a day, maybe a week that can make us smile. But a letter is something very much different. It marks as a Nostalgia moment or something holding a power to even make us feel the deepest of feelings when found after a long time. The emotions of words written by hand is something I can’t express here.
      Thank you for sharing and noticing that I mentioned the cards specifically.

  2. I used to think that fake smiles were lies, but now I realize that they are practice for feeling the way that you want to feel. When you share your practice smiles with others, and they smile back
    , it isn’t long before your smiles become real. And may be the cause of someone else’s happiness.

  3. I love these ideas! Particularly the one about giving away your homegrown veggies – that’s a great idea! I did a post a while back about random acts of kindness, and I love seeing other people promoting it as well – I think when we help others, not only does it do good for that person but it also helps us to feel connected to a community and feel like we are putting out good vibes into the world. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Yess, I love your thoughts shared here. I agree with you. I’ll check out your post too. Thank you! ❤

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog at A Sweeter Life and liking my post. Your 25 ways to spread some joy are wonderful, thanks for these wonderful ideas. Happy holidays.

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