It’s been a while since I’ve shared my “love-cards”

It’s always good to keep some reminders close to us.

I believe we should stay close to anything that makes us glad we are alive! ❤ ✨ 💃

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Here is a beautiful reminder to all of you. Written with love and inspiration. 💎🌹



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Growth is overwhelming. It’s an uninvited guest, a real life-changing experience. It sure is confusing and many times we don’t even know what to choose and which decision is wrong or correct. It’s only in those experiences that you can count, to keep going in strong and more positive than ever before.

Sometimes break is used as a bad word, though the breakthrough often comes after the best growth experience, a worth-it journey of life.  X 💕💕

xx, Aishwarya 😘

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15 thoughts on “GROWTH

  1. Yes, sometimes growth is painful. Sometimes it’s bewildering. We have a 23-yr-old grandson living with us. He is in a breakthrough period of his life. I will show this blog to him. It will speak to him, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing! ❤️👍🏽

  2. Way back in university I studied psychology. A lot of it was “clinical,” dealing mostly with monkeys and mice. Some of it was humanistic. One humanistic psychologist was R. D. Laing. He said much the same as you about breakdown and the potential for breakthrough. He also noted that we tend to value outer explorers (like astronauts) but not inner explorers. The reasons about pretty obvious. One is easy to demonstrate, the other is subtle.

    Very nice work, you!

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