Why We Must Break Some Rules!

Breaking rules can help open doors to innovation and change, but it is important to learn the rules for breaking rules!

So here is a fact – Last night I watched four movies, one after another till 5 am. I woke up at 11 am today morning, feeling luxuriously decadent and woolly-headed. But, strangely happy and satisfied. I have some extremely important deadlines coming up and have never been so stressed before. I was just draining myself with work. So instead, I “broke the rule”, set aside the work and gave myself a little break from the mundane. And, it has made me come up with a really good idea for this particular post that I’m writing.

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Sometimes you have binge nights, sometimes you indulge and break the rules – and that is alright in a life that is mostly run along secure, disciplined lines. It does feel good to break rules at times, doesn’t it? An occasional break from routine and discipline doesn’t hurt. Most of us break rules for fun when the stakes aren’t high and the outcome is something we know can be easily handled. However, how about when we know that the resultant fallout is unexpected or incalculable?

It is then that it becomes important to have a strategy for breaking rules, if you must. Breaking rules is often the only way to explore new ideas and bring about change. If you toe the line all the time, how can your life be any different than it is – or for that matter, any different from the lives of many others around you? Learn all the rules, because you must learn the game and be accepted. And then, break strategic rules, because you must learn to walk away and create differentiators.

Many successful businesses have been created by non-conformists. Some of the world’s top leaders and innovators have been those rebels who gave little hope of success to their parents, teachers or friends. They were the ones who lived in their heads and found little use for discipline. Those who dare to break the mould are the ones who from an early age are curious, question everything, experiment, take challenges and break free.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk are icons today because of the rules they broke on the way to creating path-breaking ventures. Mark Zuckerberg advocates breaking rules with impunity when he says,

“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking things, you are not moving fast enough!”

You have to exit your safe, comfort zones to attract the new and innovative; you have to ditch the ordinary to attract the extraordinary. Without testing your limits and pushing at boundaries, you will never know the elasticity these offer, nor the limits of your true potential and unique identity.

However before you set off on a trip to break all the rules that bind you, there are a few important things to understand. Breaking rules for the heck of breaking them can at most give you some amount of fun, but could lead to disaster too! It is only when the breaking follows a consistent pattern and is backed with a sense of direction — however vague it may be initially — that it can lead you to some innovative spaces.

Second, so long as breaking a rule doesn’t hurt others or violate their space, you are fine; your whims must not be at the cost of others. Third, in order to break rules you must understand the rules well – there must have been some collective thinking and learning behind the implementation of that rule. Does it make sense to walk away from that learning? And by doing so, do you hope to make a big change, perhaps make a huge difference? If so, go ahead and break the rule, and do not look back!

And fourth is a gem I often quote and apply to life. When you are experiencing or initiating a huge change in one sector of your life, try and hold all other aspects firm and steady, so that you are free to focus all energies and time in that one big area of your choice.

Every breaking of a rule must come with a sense of responsibility and knowledge. If you break rules for the heck of breaking them and sounding cool, you are inviting indiscipline and indulgence and heading towards disaster. If you break rules with awareness and alertness with a target in mind, you are most likely to succeed and be hailed an innovator.

I’ll get back to work, now that i feel fine and having shared these words with you all…I feel much better!

With Love and Inspiration,

Aishwarya Shah

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13 thoughts on “Why We Must Break Some Rules!

  1. This post resonated with me. As an ordained Catholic deacon working full-time in the Church, I can easily get so wrapped up in the Work– what I do for a paycheck– that I lose sight of the Vocation. I try and get away from the Work now and then just to clear my head and have a little fun. The break keeps me fresh and energized, and mindful of the fact that I do what I do, not for a check, but to be of help to others.

  2. This is awesome! One of my favorite quotes is from Emerson: “Whoso would be a man must be a noncomformist.” I posted some videos on my blog today and one of them is the “Think Different” ad from Apple; similar rule-breaking concept. Anyway, I love it. Thanks for the inspiring post.

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  4. This is so true. And many ‘disciplinarians’ think success is all about following the same routine every single day and not allowing yourself to be creative.

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