Read This Poem When You Feel Stuck With Your Chaotic Life.

The actions you take during your first few months when starting something new have a major impact on your success or failure. Build positive momentum early on and it will propel you through your tenure. Make some early missteps and you could face an uphill battle for the rest of your time.

The biggest challenge we face during these periods is staying focused on the right things. You are drinking from the proverbial fire hose while trying to get settled and figure out how to start to have an impact. It’s easy to take on too much or to waste your precious time. So, it helps to have a set of questions to guide you.

Here are the five most important ones to ask…and keep on asking on a regular basis:

  1. How Will I Create Value?
  2. How Does The Version Of Me, Excelling At Life In The Near Future, Expect Me To Behave Right Now?
  3. How Will I Get Some Early Wins?
  4. Whose Support Is Critical?
  5. What Skills Do I Need To Develop To Excel In This Role?

Here is a little poetry I drafted to help overcome those everyday blues and mundane routine work. Just a little escape through words. Hope it helps!


we often find ourselves in the center of the chaos

surrounded by big corporations, emotionless leaders, deadlines and paperwork, praying that it will someday pay off

i often find myself on the outside looking in

seeing, observing, working and praying, that someday through all of this, I’ll surely win

to me, this life is not meant to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours

it should be spent with loved ones, laughing, falling in love, dancing in a field of sunflowers

the world in which we currently reside is not one i like to call my home

i catch myself staring at the sky, praying that someday i’ll make my own

where we don’t hurt each other because of a thought, an appearance or the soil we grew up on

instead, see the beauty in the world each day as innocently and wondrous as a new, small fawn

the way we exist in this corporate, money-hungry world has to change soon

or i and a million others will fly straight to the farthest moon

and start a whole new life

and this time, do it right

we should be happy and feel love every single day

not struggling to survive or working our lives away

it’s time to step outside and look in

if enough of us do this and stare right at them, i promise you, we’ll win.


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Thank you for reading. Love you for that! ♥

—–Have Hope. Keep Faith—–

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7 thoughts on “Read This Poem When You Feel Stuck With Your Chaotic Life.

  1. What great and original ideas! Plus, a beautiful poem to boot. I’m usually turned off by poetry but your style is so effortless. It’s not intimidating or making me have to think too hard. You know? It’s beauty is in its simplicity. I’m going to share this. If I can figure out which button to click…lol

  2. An Alan Watts quote this reminds me of.

    “And in myriads of ways, you see, you go home, you are with the wealthiest people in the world and you would think that having earned your money and go home, you will have an orgy and great banquet and so on, but nobody does. They eat TV dinner which is just a warmed over airline food and then they spend the evening looking at an electronic reproduction of life which is divided from you by a glass screen. You can’t touch it, you can’t smell it, it has no color, except maybe for very wealthy it has color. But by and large, it doesn’t. And you look at this thing and you have a strange feeling, you see, that the whole procession of grades that was leading to something in the future, to that goody, that gorgeous voluptuous goody that was lying at the end of the line never quite turns up.

    And this is because from the beginning, we condition our children to a defective sense of identity. We condition the child in a way that sets the child a life problem which is insoluble. And therefore attended by constant frustration, and as a result of this problem being insoluble, it is perpetually postponed to the future. So that one lives, one is educated to live in the future and one is not ever educated to live today.”

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