Positive Words Of Encouragement

Who doesn’t love words of encouragement? We all could use a little help, sometimes!

Firstly, I want to take a moment and thank the people who have wished me well in this time of recovery. I appreciate every comment on this post and am thankful for such an encouraging community that I’ve built.

Quick update – I’m healing well and the wounds are showing a positive sign of recovery, but my rib’s still fractured and may take another month to fully be normal.

For a moment during these last couple weeks I felt like a complete failure and decided to head on some risky decisions. While writing in my journal this morning, I asked myself some tough and life altering questions and realized that maybe it’s all just a phase (mixed with some heavy medications which is why I guess my mind’s playing tricks on me) and that, this too shall pass!

So here is an open note/letter to everyone of you who needs to hear some words of encouragement if you’ve ever felt sad or found it difficult to accomplish some tasks in your life.

“A word of encouragement during failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success

When you learn to embrace your fears and accept them with open arms, that’s when the magic begins!

When you learn to embrace your fears and accept them with open arms, that’s when the magic begins!

Life can cajole our strength in the face of challenges; knocking every single shield of hope, courage, and optimism, lifting a blindfold in our direction and truth is the biggest advocacy we need in those thirsty times; truth in the light of encouragement to boost our vibe and as a firm reminder.

There are times we just need to hear some encouraging words like, “that it will be okay”, “we are not alone”, “we are in control even when we are sinking in turmoil”. Those assuring words ushers in beats of motivation to guide and direct us through the challenging and hard times.

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Encouraging words rebrand and rejuvenate our strength; they are tools that sharpen and spike positivity, growth, resilience, and perseverance.

These words of encouragement will serve as a base for positivity, motivation, and inspiration for you, for a friend; like a magnet of strength in those dark times, feel free to share. If we continually seek encouragement on a regular basis, it will become a habit and enable us to get ahead and stay ahead in life.

Remember, one word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge.

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A Note For You

I know it’s hard; the turmoil, the pain, the bad times, fear, broken sunshine; you may fall, stumble, fail so many times on your truth, on your worth, on your value and strength but I want you to know and be rest assured that —you are in control. The tide may be turbulent but you will always be ever resistant to the uproar of the waves.

The turbulent crash can’t ruin you, rather you are the rhythm of the tide; your vibration is their momentum.

The journey will be encrypted with thorns and thistles, all to create and carve your unique vibrations; so do not let fear measure your dreams or let uncertainties set boundaries to your resilience and vibrancy.

Do not stain your bones with the scarcity of exploring the version of yourself because the phase is clouded… this too will pass, the agony, the confusion, the anxiety it will all pass away, those brighter colors will stain the surface one by one but for the now, take charge and illuminate!

The nighttime needs glitter to adorn the sky, so my friend whatever comes, be the glitter and shine, for you are bigger than any challenge or obstacle. You are in authority of survival; as you inhale and exhale, let the truth soak into every core of your being.

You are a redefined treasure of light, so much more than flesh can comprehend!

You significantly dominate, so do not let chaos burn out your light or take a toll on you. Never forget that you are loved and needed by every fiber of the earth so just for now, for today, take one step at a time and watch how the puzzle is completed.

Never quench your light or dim you glitter to fit in. Do not lose your truth to lies, you are a composition of wonder clothed in human suit; do not let the ordinary distract you.

The road may be locked with no rims for the light to pierce through, the earth rattling in fear and everything you touch may seem to crumble; let the tide wash off the unnecessary weight.

God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse them. Let your faith be decluttered of doubt creating space for your roots to pierce through.

Remember that living is a journey, there will be low and high cliffs, bridges, mountains, tunnels, routes, roads and never a destination. So do not let fear gag your courage, be free and enjoy each adventurous phase. Stop being hard on yourself for you are still learning how to navigate through the wheels of surviving.

Do not be afraid to lose yourself in the dark, to get high on life, drowsy on the liquor of surviving or induce your subconscious with negative program.

Do not be reluctant to develop peace, find strength in solitude, breathe and be uninterruptedly alone; it is part of the journey and the beauty in all the hard times is they become your foundation, your tales, your voice, your principle behind yourself self-worth and value to inspire others.

This phase won’t last for long….it’s only a little longer and the rainbow will be revealed.

In the progress, do not cage your potentials behind bars and prisons of what-ifs and not; do not limit the flame burning inside or wrap your tongue around negativity as she itches down your throat and builds a hive of compression.

Bloom where you are planted; spread your wings and fly!

Let experience teach us to be authentic, embracing the versions of ourselves and not diluting the territory of strength. I want you to remember that:

1.  You were not born to be normal but extraordinary, so don’t compare your journey or try to curb your light. You were meant for bigger sparkle, do not try to limit yourself!

2.  Your magical aura is needed by the earth to survive, don’t hurdle your light shine vastly!

3.  Self-criticism is not always equivalent to the truth, do good and let karma be the judge.

4.  Self-love is not selfish, love yourself and do unto others as you would do lovingly to yourself. Truly take care of yourself and nourish your roots.

5.  Challenges peel you open, do not shrink at the touch of its claws!

6.  Do not subject yourself to boundaries of doubt, let the pores in your skin breath! Exfoliate the pores of your soul by letting the beam of sunshine and positivity soak in.

7.  Don’t let pain raid your soul in undeserving ways, because you are so much more valuable to be handled!

8.  You are standing at the entrance of hope, there is so much more at the end train so do not give up!

9.  There is so much strength birthed with vulnerability as a directive to change, so my dear, don’t limit yourself!

10.  Everything is a phase, this too will pass. Life is a collection of segment, season and phases which passes with time.

11.  And time is just a stamp of phases.

Remember, life is a template waiting to be autographed by the calligraphy of your strength. Do not hinder to ignite the universe and part the oceans swirling inside of you. Trust your bloom, honor your wilt and, honor your bloom, trust your wilt.

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Happy Blogging! ♥♥♥

Thank you for reading. Love you for that! ♥

—–Have Hope. Keep Faith—–

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10 thoughts on “Positive Words Of Encouragement

  1. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and empathy for those of us who are struggling with certain ailments. I really hope that you heal quickly, and feel better soon! You have given me some empathy today, and empathy is priceless. Not a lot of people are blessed with such a beautiful heart!
    Sincerely, Jessica

  2. Yes, it is true, encouraging words are tools that sharpen and spike positivity, growth, resilience, and perseverance. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  3. Big hugs. Hope you feel better soon. As humans in this challenging world we are all carrying negative feelings. We therefore should be more understanding to each other and always love and build up. Not destructive and nasty.

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