My Darling (Poetry)


With such a confusing time around us, light-hearted poetry with a dash of positivity just relaxes the adrenaline kick. Here’s a gentle reminder that – this too shall pass.

As the foundation of my blog goes –

Have Hope. Keep Faith.

my darling.

i hope you know that the rain will not go on forever

you will be able to walk with the sun on your next endeavor

the world may seem cloudy

your thoughts a bit rowdy

but there is clarity beyond the mess

so please, my darling, don’t you stress

breathe deeply and quietly three times

after that, you’ll realize that you are just fine

you may have feared silence for so long, but now it’s time to dive into it

all your worries, fears and uncertainties will unravel, you can undo it

i know you’re ready to be at a state of peace

please, my darling you’ll see

that you are a light meant to shine

from the beginning to the end of time

and even if the rainy days continue for years

you will listen to the silence and everything will become clear

flowers have to use all of their strength to rise up through the dirt

and if you’re anything like a flower, you will move past the things that hurt

you will reach up towards the sun, blooming as you go

do not worry, my darling, you’re ready to grow.

stay strong

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—–Have Hope. Keep Faith—–

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10 thoughts on “My Darling (Poetry)

  1. Indeed! After all, the whole humankind is surviving on the hope of a better tomorrow!
    This shall too pass
    Just stay home stay safe

  2. Very clearly you are a phenomenal poet and writer. As well a beautiful artist. I am now following and cannot wait to read more of your art. Be blessed and know I admire and adore your work!!! ❤️

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