5 Morning Hacks to Get You In the Right Mindset

morning hacks

Morning hacks (or routines) help set the tone for the entire day. Practiced daily, can set the tone for your daily habits and in the long run, prove to be advantageous for your overall health.

Let’s face it – quarantine life and lockdown has gotten us all slow and unproductive when it comes to work (or even moving our body for that matter) Feels like we are struggling more than ever to stay productive when it comes to managing everything on our own. I mean sure, it has its own perks: eating, lazing around and binge-watching our favorite shows non-stop without having being judged, but when the mind clicks into the ‘task fatigue’, a little mindfulness goes a long way. That’s when morning hacks come into play.

I strongly believe in meditation. Lots of it. And its time and again proven its beneficial for me.

I’m not an idealist. I’m not saying everyone should start “Om-ing,” devoting themselves solely to self-compassion, and forgetting their to-do lists. But I am saying that compassion, and self-compassion, ought to more in the foreground as we talk about mindfulness — even in corporate mindfulness programs for that matter.

There is no shame in wanting to be productive at work. But there is also no shame in being able to cut yourself some slack, to extend yourself some love during those times at work when things don’t feel so great.

Whether you’re having an ‘off’ week or simply want to up-level your performance, these easy morning hacks will help you stay focused and productive…

You are how you start your day. If you’re feeling ‘off’ and your mindset isn’t propelling you towards success, these morning hacks can help.

I used to listen to the news each day. I sat there thinking it was keeping me up to date with the world and what was going on in society. As an empath, I didn’t put two and two together. It never clicked that listening to only the bad news in the world was leaving me feeling exhausted and really negative. Really, what I was doing was feeding myself and developing my mind through bad news.

This routine resulted in me unconsciously being negative towards myself and picking myself up. I often judged myself for the smallest of things. It created this unrealistic perception in my mind about what I should be like and what my life should look like. I was quickly spiraling down and becoming so unkind to myself I developed OCD and depression. 

With so many pieces of information flung at us each day it can be hard to focus on the things we want each day and be positive every day. The news generates an income from bad news, which leaves us feeling depleted and sometimes even a bit down from the sad and sorry headlines we hear each day. 

Mind.org says “In many ways, mental health is just like physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it. Mental health problems affect around one in four people in any given year.”

So many of us are walking around feeling negative daily. We talk to ourselves in a negative way and this can leave you feeling exhausted and not so excited about the day ahead. 

I stumbled across Neuro-Linguistic Programming back in 2016 (and as you all know, I’m a proud nerd & I love researching deeper about a topic that intrigues me) and what I learned blew me away. I found there are a few morning hacks that I began to do each day that you can also do to begin your day. This encourages you to create new thoughts and feelings to lift your mood and feel better and more positive each day. 

Here is the list

1. Have a glass of water as soon as you wake up. This helps make sure you are hydrated, feeling refreshed and giving your body a boost to wake up in the morning. Set the glass out at night when you go to bed. That way, it is there ready for when you wake up.

2. Journal. This is one of my favorite morning hacks. I am very passionate about and I strongly suggest to all my clients to help them stay on target with their goals. Journaling is amazing at helping to reduce any anxiety and overwhelm over what you might face that day. This is particularly effective when done first thing in the morning. Getting all of your thoughts and feelings onto the paper and not over-analyzing it at all. There is no right or wrong way to journal, you write down whatever it is you feel or want to write down and don’t stop until you feel it is all out. Your mind will quieten and you will feel so much more focused on the day ahead.

3. Get clear on what actions to take each day. Become intentional each day and on what it is you want to achieve. Being clear and reduce procrastination by writing down exactly what it is you intend to complete that day. You can place your hand on your heart and feel your heart beating. Then ask yourself “What is my intention for today?” 

4. Practice gratitude. Some days can be difficult, and we may not feel our best for whatever reason. We can change the negativity of our energy by focusing on our gratitude and being grateful. When you feel unhappy and unfulfilled it is because you are looking outside of yourself for happiness. If you are struggling with negativity, remember we all do from time to time. It isn’t wrong to experience that. But try focusing on things coming out of that negativity that is positive, personal and about your future. What can you learn from the situation to help you grow?

5. Avoid the news. The news on TV, radio, newspapers. All of these media channels make money from telling bad news. You never hear them talking about the good news or the fantastic things we have going on in the world. Just listening to this bad news can be enough to affect the next few hours of the day, if not the full day. Avoid it at all costs. Feed your mind and soul with good stuff and things that light you up instead of your favorite music, podcast or an audiobook. 

What are your favorite morning hacks to get you in the right mindset? Share in the comments below!

morning hacks

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17 thoughts on “5 Morning Hacks to Get You In the Right Mindset

  1. I totally agree, especially re avoiding the news. I also like to get in a little exercise, whether it’s yoga or walking to work. It increases the oxygen level in your blood and helps the thinking process. ❤😍📚

  2. I’m going to try the journal. Actually really fascinating. I love writing, but the kind of planning as life hack is definitely worth trying! Great tip.

  3. I think you covered it well.
    I’m not a meditation person per se, but it is effective as the great go to even if it’s primarily focused on breathing.
    I’ll do it sometimes going to sleep and I’ve done it off and on for years.
    Watch just enough news to get up to date but mostly go with what you see in your own community because news sensationalizes to keep you viewing TRYING to trigger anxiety because that keeps you plugged in.
    Minimize as much as possible because the only thing to feel anxiety about is not under your control other than minimizing (which coincidentally goes with most places social distance policies).

    It’s a good time to reflect on what you’re truly anxious about and things that can be done moving forward. And try hard to pay more attention to the positive ways people deal with crisis instead of only on what’s going wrong.

    My issue is I’m so used to my outside life like work fueling my interests that makes them rich and the lack of a feedback loops is making me SO unbelievably flat.

    Again to stress part of why I commented… 😁
    I’m not a meditation buff but the simple pedestrian breathing exercises do wonders.
    Times like these are perfect for developing any unconscious idealisms a person may hold though.

  4. I agree with you about the news. Especially the last couple of weeks medical issues being a big trigger for my anxiety things have been such a nightmare I found myself having mini panic attacks simply reading the endless news stories.
    I’ve had to cut myself off. My roommate tells me anything I need to know!

  5. Yes, “compassion, and self-compassion, ought to more in the foreground ,” and I am grateful that one of the positive effects of this virus is that it has slowed us down and given us time to think about what really matters. Your suggestion of journaling is one that I take very seriously. I write at least three things each morning that I am grateful for as I reflect back on the day before. Then, after I pray, read, and meditate, I plan my day… being mindful of making the kinds of memories that will be tomorrow’s gratitudes.

  6. Thanks for the like make sure to follow my blog! You made a very wise decision. 💯 make sure to follow my other sites. You can find the links in my menu section. See you there!

  7. For me it’s doing some bible reading, planning my day in my journal, journaling, have some nice coffee then get into newsfeeds and see what’s new Facebook groups and LinkedIn then burn the day lol.

  8. Thanks for the like make sure to follow my blog! You made a very wise decision. 💯 make sure to follow my other sites. You can find the links in my menu section. See you there!

  9. excellent advice. Thank you for liking my blog, and that routine gives me the daily meditation in thanksgiving for all that’s been provided, then for family, friends, community, state, nation, our leaders, the world for justice. This, for me is prayer. As you guessed I read daily the sum up every three days (if I don’t slip up and not journal those days) which helps me to remember the human condition, that there is nothing new under the sun (quote) and how I can relate and change. I quickly tire of news, and turn to focus on relationships and writing (fiction). I have give or take a half-glass of water, followed by coffee followed immediately by 2 glasses of water. I get tons more later.

    Thanks again because it really is a great reminder for me to stick to my routine. And thanks again for liking my blog! https://biblelife212.wordpress.com/2020/04/29/so-is-anyone-like-surprised-that-im-behind-again/

  10. These are great hacks; I think the biggest thing I have to have each morning is my Crystal Light caffeine packet mixed in with my cup of water! I appreciate the rest of the advice though! I definitely need to start journaling, as I think that would help get some of the thoughts OUT of my head, which is sometimes a bit overwhelmed! Also, thanks for liking my post I just put out today! I joined your email list and followed you on IG! Looking forward to the next post! 🙂

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