English Language Online Training

English Training Online

Hey everyone!

Hope you and everyone in your family is doing well. 

Don’t consider this as all my other generic blog posts. I’m here to quickly inform you, and hopefully support you in your online learning.

I wanted to ask you – how are you using time during this world pandemic? Just thinking positive or positively thinking? Hoping for it to be over so you can restart your life? 

Well, wait no more! I’ve got you covered!

I’ve collaborated with The British Institutes (India) and one of their best trainers to help you cope with their signature training program – Advance English Skills. Those of you who don’t know what The British Institutes does – The British Institute for Learning & Development (BILD) is a UK-based, non-chartered professional body for those working in the area of learning & development. Basically, they are dedicated to teaching English, along with other major languages, to help the world communicate a little easier.

We want to support those of you who are learning at home at the moment with our 5-star rated course.

Learn English online using our high-quality resources to quickly improve your English. It’s going to be a complete 1-on-1 session in every dimension – reading, listening, writing and speaking.

You can use any or all of these skills to immediately apply in your content development, blogging or communication practice.

They also provide personalized IELTS online training for those of you looking for a career change or application to foreign universities after this pandemic.

The classes will be conducted via Zoom calls and/or Skype.

There will be a free session first to get you familiar with the training process. 

For further information on the payment, teaching materials and method, or even if you have customized requirements (yes we’ll help with that too), kindly email on eclipsedwords@gmail.com
We’re here to support you.

To your development,


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  1. I am so pleased to see the way ZOOM and FT are being used instructionally world-wide. I wish I had stock in the ZOOM company! I am glad you check in to JanBeek and practice your English by reading blogs by retired teachers such as I – people who try to use the language creatively and accurately while spreading love and positivity. Thank you for following!

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