Poetry On Taking Control Of Your Life

how to take control of your life

For the past four days, I’ve started sharing writing prompts over my Instagram handle, Aishwarya Shah, on the topic of – strength during uncertain times. At least that’s what I think I’ll stick to for the next couple of days. Anyway, I don’t know how many days these writing prompts might last, but its always good to write. Writing acts as an instant mood-lifting tool. Writing is therapeutic. And for that reason, for those of you who still don’t follow my Instagram, I’m sharing these two poems here so that it may help you in taking control and being in charge of your life. In some way or the other.

Mental Health is important inside and outside of work. Professionally as well as personally.

Here are all the four writing prompts+poems that might help in taking control of your life.

And do read till the end. There’s an announcement.

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Deep Breaths – Poetry

The time that is right now,

This journey, this path…is not meant to question who you are.

Bu instead, help you align who you’ve been with who you are meant to be.

And I hope only you know what that means.

You are in control of your life.

And no matter what has come together, or, what has torn apart,

You’ve always risen above,

So believe that your life will compart!

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Inner Space – Poetry

Close your eyes and,

Watch the shapes of the colours,

A mosaic of beauty.

Feel it move across your body,

Watch the world from inside yourself,

And tell me about the view.

It’s rightly said that,

26 years of average lifetime is spent on,

Dreaming about the ‘what-could-have-been’,

So you might as well,

Search for beauty from inside your eyelids.

The universe inside of you.

Thoughts so powerful,

They make the world around you spin,

Creating your destiny.

Reach for those stars that shine,

When in darkness you close your eyes.

So close your eyes and imagine the best possible world for yourself,

Because we miss far too much of this one.

We’re taken miles away,

Watching the colours

Of our own galaxies.

Confidence – Writing Prompt

Confidence is silent.

Confidence walks in humility.

Confidence comes from the ability to let go and having courage for acceptance.

Confidence is consistency.

And confidence is an act of belief.

A belief as simple as your mother’s prayers.

Flashbacks – Writing Prompt

Why is that we as humans

Tend to look at our past so often

Is it because of

The laughter, cries or happiness?

Or do we sense judgments?

Or because we tend to seek out

That which wasn’t there in the first place

Why don’t we ameliorate our present

And walk

Taking time as our guide

Toward our future

“Oh is it hope that I see there?”

aishwarya shah
Aishwarya Shah | EclipsedWords.com

I hope these writings find you in a good place and that you’re safe. You are in-charge of your life and in control of your next move.

Also, I know I’ve announced it on my last blog, (i know i know, repetitive stuff) but I do need to mention this again here for the new readers.


I’ve started writing prompts daily over my Instagram account. It’ll mostly be inspirational writings and poetry every single day. I’ve prioritized mental health in this quarantine and my hope is that it helps every one of you. Come over and follow my Instagram so you don’t miss out on the daily writing prompts! You can follow here @aishwarya_shah.


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