5 thoughts for the Festive Season

Aishwarya Shah

As the weather changes and the season of festivities are around us and/or nearing, here are five suggestions to ruminate over. Sometimes a nudge is all we need! Here are 5 thoughts for the festive season!

Stay true to yourself
In a world that is perpetually trying to influence your thoughts and behaviour, it becomes critical to believe in yourself. Do not be led by what the majority thinks or says. Examine every situation from all angles and park yourself on the side of what you believe is right and fair. Trust your instinct — it can never be wrong. Do not be swept away by the wind; instead use it to power your own flight. Refuse to be part of any crowd that jeers and attacks someone. There is always another side to the story. And someday that ‘someone’ could be you – misunderstood and reviled. Would you not welcome some help then? Be that helping hand to another now.

Flip the situation
And this is something that I have tried and stand by firmly now. Whenever I feel agitated by something or someone, I distance myself from the situation and try to change my perspective. Is my frustration being sparked by someone’s aggressive behaviour? Is it because I think that aggression is directed at me? Think deep. Perhaps not. They may be frustrated at something else and the rub-off on me may be just a refraction of that disturbance. I should not make matters worse by reflecting their agitation back at them! And suddenly my perspective changes. As I calm my feelings towards the person — or even situation — I can feel peace descend. This works like magic.

Question everything you learnt
We are all the result of our genes and the environment we grow up in. We soak up influences as we grow and learn behaviour through observational learning, or through reinforcements and punishments. And then we get trapped in all that conditioning and impede our future growth. Do not be a prisoner of your own conditioning. Nor seek to pass it on to the next generation without examining the impact. Go back to your roots and question everything you learnt. Starting today question every fear, belief, negativity, superstition, or instruction that has held you back. Teach yourself anew. Sometimes the way ahead depends on your own strength and ability to change direction.

Change just one thing
What is the one thing that would make you a better person, or empower you all round? If you do know this, why then have you not adopted it still? Sometimes we are responsible for sabotaging our own growth by not doing that one thing which will empower us and make us better — sometimes due to laziness, our conditioning, or just because we have not tried to identify what it is! Do you know what is the one habit you need to adopt and make a part of your daily routine? Do you need to stop stressing about the little things? Give up on negative pride or some power conflict? Improve your physical health? Break some negative habit? Is there any unresolved area of hurt or anger? Try to resolve it. Now is the time to get going. Start with just one habit. Rest will follow.

Stick with the best; forget the rest!
If you keep looking for the ‘perfect’ spouse or friend, or the ‘perfect’ moment, you will end up empty-handed. Sooner you realise that there are no custom-made people or situations, the better off your relationships and life will be. Every person close to you has aspects that you can connect to and those that you cannot relate to at all. Identify the dynamics that are important to you in every relationship and focus on those. Stick to meeting people who make you feel happy and upbeat rather than those who pull you down. All you need to do is pick the best and connect to that.

With Love & Inspiration,

Aishwarya xoxo

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