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My name is Aishwarya. I was born in India. I am an avid reader with a passion for writing and have a love for sketching and all kind of art. I am trained as a classical dancer and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Writing started as a form of personal expression and grew into a passion for telling stories through my sketches that are strung together through words which are thoughtful, creative and honest.

With a penchant for minimalism, I am inspired by people from all walks of life, good stories and am all about capturing soulful thoughts, genuine moments and everything in between. I have a passion for conscientious design and creating work that makes a difference. My hope for my work is to create awareness of those values in the community and world I live in to restore faith.

When I am not writing, sketching or working in my profession you can find me by the local coffee shop/rooftop with my nose in a book and be trying to understand the cosmos.

Say hi – eclipsedwords@gmail.com

Instagram – aishwarya_shah

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