Do you believe that goodwill prevails?


A little goodwill goes a long way to impact not just the life of an individual, but also that of the community, nation and the entire world!

Of all the investments I have made in life, the only one that keeps coming back to me manifold is that of goodwill and kindness. An innate sense of courtesy and kindness has always been appreciated and remembered by people for years to come. And, it has invariably come back to me in some form or the other. If I were to ask anyone to believe just one thing with their eyes closed, then this is it – goodwill is the only guarantee that holds you in good stead all through life!

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At times, this goodwill involves just a basic courtesy such as inviting someone to sit, listening to them, using a kind tone, asking about their welfare, or just saying a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’! Often, we speak hastily in rage, or even more important, don’t watch our tone, which results in long-lasting resentments that cost us precious time and energy. Caught up in our own chaotic thoughts and work, we bark orders around, forgetting to make others feel important cogs in the machine as well.

It is so important to show appreciation and care. No matter how busy you are, it is important to pause and work on healthy and appreciative connects with those around you. It is important to be kind, and this is quite obvious when you consider how good it makes you feel. There is a kind of magical, healing power in kindness that impacts both the giver and the receiver.

But goodwill also goes beyond the individual to impact the life of a community, a nation, and the world! Goodwill implies a spirit of courtesy and accommodation – the very foundation of civilized life. It strengthens communities and removes barriers to growth, and is possibly the only way to reach our full potential as humans and as nations. The policy of inclusiveness is the foundation of goodwill. Differences may and indeed must exist, but what is important is a mutual acceptance of those differences if a more civilized world order must prevail.

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Goodwill is like a seed whose flowers keep growing and spreading with every other act of kindness!

If there is goodwill between people, no differences will ever blow up into hatred and violence. Inclusiveness and a spirit of accepting differences will have taught us patience and accommodation, rather than frustration and impatience. How much goodwill flows in society and how kind and inclusive its people are, depends on the kind of people we are bringing up. It all boils down to the family unit and how much kindness, understanding, and inclusiveness flows there. And then, of course, it is dependent on each individual and how evolved we wish to become.

If I personally believe that all others are psychological mirrors of myself, how can anyone, or any hate speech, incite me to becoming the kind of person I do not believe in? It all begins with the self. The only way to respect and cherish others is to have the same feelings for your own self first, and to understand that all others are psychological mirrors of our own self – and so, we get the families we deserve, the friends we deserve, colleagues, neighbors and yes, even the leaders we deserve! To disagree is healthy; to lash back or boycott unacceptable. Dialogue is essential; violence or hatred undesirable.

An understanding that unity and connectedness produces goodwill and a sense of satisfaction and peace, helps us move in that direction with a positive spirit. Cultivating respect for others helps me increase my own self-respect. Constructive thoughts in individuals and families will help break destructive cycles and form a virtuous cycle that heals the politics of hatred.

Looked at it from this viewpoint, it all seems so simple! Just live your life with dignity and respect and give others enough space to do so too. Ensure all interactions are respectful, courteous and accommodating. Choose respect over hatred, peace over violence, life over destruction!

❤️ Believe others are your psychological mirrors. They are you.

❤️ Be polite. Even when truly angry.

❤️ Respect people.

❤️ Respect contrary opinion.

❤️ Be kind and helpful.

❤️ Never be rigid. We all change over time.

❤️ Do not accept disrespect or an affront to your dignity. Walk away.

❤️ Do not talk ill of others. It always reaches them!

❤️ Do not harm or pull others down. You will never be respected.

Do good and good will come to you!

You are everyone, everyone is you…

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12 thoughts on “Do you believe that goodwill prevails?

  1. I think it’s a mixed bag, and it may sound contrary when I don’t intend to.
    I try to hold a view that people have different paths because a persons purpose individually can be broad.
    Sometimes goodwill can clash.
    In a broader sense we need friction and conflict to grow to even achieve those purposes and we need a “evil” (at least to us) to recognize these goodwills.
    If goodwill didn’t prevail in the larger picture we’d likely not exist on this planet. There’s enough goodwill succeeding to keep life sustainable and enough ill will to destroy that turns into rebuilding a better world.

    There’s enough human history known to know our past is extremely ugly, but compared to where we are now we know goodwill does prevail and there’s still a lot of work to be done.

  2. It is so true. Imagine a world were everyone’s first inclination was kindness and goodwill. That’s a very good way to live for yourself and everyone you meet.

  3. Absolutely! What goes around comes around. Goodwill always pays and prevails no matter what. Thanks for sharing.xoxo

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