How Do You Deal With Your Disappointment?

Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.

Disappointment is inevitable; it is how you deal with it that sets the blueprint for the rest of your life!

Everyone has at least one sour-faced relative, friend or neighbor with an embittered soul who never has a good thing to say about anyone or anything! Such people move around with curdled expressions and malevolent eyes, *nary a smile on their lips… Do you think life has dealt them a more unfair deal than to others? What embittered them so much that their view of the world and fellow beings became so jaundiced?

(*fact check: I learned this word while watching The Big Bang Theory sitcom Lol)




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Though some do get more than their share of disappointments, I believe that we have the inner strength to deal with whatever life doles out. It is not the amount of grief or disappointment that comes one’s way, but the manner of dealing with it that shapes a person’s character. ANd, moreover, I think, those who can take the good and bad, success and failure, victory and disappointment with the same equanimity are the ones who pass the test of life. It is your response to setbacks that set the blueprint for how life treats you for rest of the journey.

Here’s a question for you –

When disappointed with something or someone, how do you react? Do you get angry or depressed? Do you sulk or start a blame game? Or do you withdraw into yourself, discouraged and defeated, to lick your wounds in self-pity?


Disappointments are inevitable for everyone. Expectations cannot always be met to our satisfaction, nor can all dreams be fulfilled. This is the hard truth of life. People will not always act as we wish them to, nor relationships proceed in the manner we plan. Parents won’t always approve what you have set your heart on; lovers won’t always dole out ardour and compliments; children won’t always aim to please, nor promotions and increments turn out dreamy and satisfying! When things don’t go our way, disenchantment is natural.

If we allow it to, disappointment could lead to sadness, grumpiness, disillusionment, discouragement or helpless anger. We often tend to vent our spleen on those closest to us, which of course leads to further issues. Most of the caustic, anti-social people we come across, those whom we label ‘frustrated souls’, have been repeatedly disappointed in life and not dealt with it right. Some even develop sour facial features, so deep is the surliness etched into their souls! Surely you do not wish to end up in that category?

The first step towards dealing with disappointments with maturity is to set realistic expectations. Even while doing so, keep room for disappointment. Do not get into anything expecting disappointment of course—that would be a sure recipe for disaster! But do keep Plan B ready. If your plans or expectations are thwarted, allow yourself time for disappointment; there is nothing wrong in feeling disappointed or disillusioned. Wallow in the emotion for a bit; understand what you are experiencing and what the loss means to you. Just know you have to snap out of it soon and in time you will get over it – whatever it is.

This also gives you time and the opportunity to assess the situation and your position. I have spoken about this in my last post on The Uplifting Power Of Perspective, that, Getting a perspective is important. How big will the impact of this disappointment be in your life? How can you minimize the damage? Do you see a silver lining and can you try and make the most of it?

Once you accept the situation, it is easier to move away, take an objective view and plan future action. Maybe you can be allowed another chance – assess if you would like to take it or pass it up for something else. Or maybe all doors are firmly closed and you need to look towards something else. That is ok too. Life offers so many options – and gives you several chances to make good your mistakes or disappointments. Take those chances.

While you have life and health and a positive outlook, you can always move on towards other, different victories. The key is in not letting yourself be dejected, to accept and objectively assess before moving on…

The size of your success for anything is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.

Robert Kiyosaki

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14 thoughts on “How Do You Deal With Your Disappointment?

  1. This is very helpful information. Good strategies to follow as well. I react using all responses you named.😏 So yeah, I needed this. My pity parties are becoming shorter and I find the silver lining much faster now so, I suppose that equates to growth.

  2. People are surrounded by similar people who reflect their disposition to life. You attract what you are. Changing one’s attitude might help, but seeing friends or useful people who teach us something is the vest.
    I’d say being disappointed is normal. It’s never so that everything happens as we wish.
    Not dwelling on disappointment but moving on is probably important.
    Some people are way too sensitive, they overreact to anything.
    Well, life is life and we have to welcome lots of things. I’m 60 now and I can say nothing ever happened as I had imagined it.

  3. This is a thoughtful post. I find it fascinating how some people deal with true tragedies and losses with grace while others are devastated by minor disappointments. It always makes me wonder about whether some of us are truly born with the “right stuff” to weather negative events better than others, or if dealing with more misfortune simply makes you better at it. I love a post that gets me thinking! Thank you as always!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

  4. Thank you for this valuable article!
    Well I believe that disappointments come from great expectations…First thing I worked on through years is to lower my expectations and cancel them whenever I can…I used to isolate myself, cry my eyes out, self-pity and remembering everything bad that ever happened…Now I know that expecting this and that is the route of all pain so I just do my duty and if it’s meant to be it will be…And if something didn’t work out, it’s probably because I didn’t work harder or it needs time…And people are free to act as they want…that’s it

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